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   Chapter 738 You Scared Me To Death

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9894

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Holly Wei had been seething with anger ever since she'd left the university. In her uncontrollable itch to get back at Linda, she'd totally forgotten about the USB flash drive that Linda had given her.

Trying to find a way to vent out her anger, Holly gathered all the servants in her house and made them listen to her complaints. She told all of them about how rude Linda Xia was to her elders. She complained that Linda knew nothing about manners and didn't act like the Lady of the Mu Clan. Linda behaved more like a wicked girl who had come from the streets than the lady of an upper-class family.

As far as Holly was concerned, Linda had been fortunate enough to marry Charles Mu. Holly supposed that Charles Mu had probably seen too many upper-class girls, so he found Linda Xia special and interesting for the time being. But there was a good chance that as time went by, the Young Master of the Mu Clan would lose his interest in Linda and divorce her one day.

Holly cursed Linda with all the foul words she could think of. As she complained, all the servants gathered around her nodded their heads repeatedly and echoed her words. After all, Holly was the hostess of the house, so they had no choice but to echo everything she said.

They all knew that even though Master Ronald was reckless and unruly at school, none of the school authorities dared to scold him or keep him in check because of his status. So far, no one had been able to lay so much as a finger on Ronald, so the servants were all surprised to find out that their master had been taught a good lesson by someone today.

Not only were they surprised, but they were also quite happy that Ronald had finally suffered a defeat. But of course, they didn't dare to show their happiness on their faces.

After spitting out a long-winded speech about how awful Linda was, Holly finally felt better and began to have dinner. It was only after dinner that she suddenly remembered that Linda had given her a USB flash drive before she'd left the university.

Holly immediately opened her handbag and took out the USB flash drive.

'Why did Linda Xia give me this USB flash drive and ask me to open it at home? What did she want?' Holly wondered.

Unable to hold back her curiosity, she asked one of the servants to bring the laptop. Then, she plugged the USB flash drive into the laptop and opened the folder. Inside the folder, she found an audio file. When she played the audio file, she heard a familiar voice.

"What's the law? It counts little to the Zhuo Clan..." It was her own voice! Holly was so taken aback that she gaped at the screen with her mouth open wide.

As she listened to the words that she'd spoken, her face became paler and paler.

It was what she had said in the Student Affairs Office before she'd found out that Linda was the Lady of the Mu Clan. Linda had recorded the most impulsive and rudest part of her words.

"That bitch! What

the scruff on my chin make me look more manly?" Charles caught her little hand and kissed it gently.

Blushing, Linda quickly drew her hand back.

She turned her eyes away from Charles and looked at the road in front of her. "Time flies so fast! We've been staying together from summer to winter this year since you found my whereabouts, but I haven't felt spring yet..."

Before Linda could finish her words, Charles suddenly jerked around and grabbed her arms. "What do you mean? Where are you going in the spring? You're not allowed to leave me anymore, understand? You must stay with me forever!" he said in a worried and anxious tone.

Linda was confused by Charles's strange reaction. She'd just been commenting on how strange and unusual the weather was this year. Even though it was winter, the weather sometimes felt like summer.

"What's wrong? I was just talking about the seasons and the weather and how unusual they are this year. It feels like winter came right after summer, so I was wondering why there was no spring."

For a moment, Charles was in a daze. Then, realizing what the problem was, he heaved a sigh of relief before bursting into laughter.

"My lovely, stupid lady, of course there's no spring between summer and winter! Think about it again. Which season comes after summer?"

Linda looked at Charles's playful smile in confusion. It took her a few moments to finally realize that she had made a stupid mistake. Autumn came after summer, not spring! Linda's face flushed red with embarrassment; she didn't know what to say.

To cover up her mistake, she shrugged and chuckled. Then, she stammered, "'s autumn. I meant that it didn't feel like autumn came at all this year. The weather is either too hot or too cold. It's quite unusual..." She suddenly felt really stupid.

Charles pinched her nose with his long fingers and said, "Baby, don't make such a silly mistake again. You almost scared me to death!"

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