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   Chapter 737 Drug A Woman

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Confident that Anna could easily prepare the drug, Linda turned to Lily Jiang to talk about the next task. "Lily, I want you to do me a favor this weekend. I hope you can help me make a few more audio files with my grandfather's voice. I want to use them to scare Rosy into confessing."

"No problem, I can stay here this weekend. You can tell me whatever you want. Making such audio files is a piece of cake for me now."

Lily Jiang was leisurely sprawled back on the sofa like a lazy cat.

She was full and satisfied after all the food she'd eaten tonight.

She'd eaten more than usual because of how delicious the food was. It was a surprise to her because she'd never expected Charles to cook so well.

But Nelson had been jealous to see Lily Jiang eat so enthusiastically tonight. She never had such a good appetite when he cooked for her.

Now, Nelson once again felt jealous and surprised when he heard Lily Jiang's words. It seemed that Linda was openly competing against him for Lily's time.

Linda, who immediately noticed the disappointed expression on Nelson's face, felt amused.

As usual, she could read his mind.

"Nel, why do you look shocked and disappointed? Don't worry. I'm not going to ask you to leave the villa. If you don't want to go back and sleep alone, you're welcome to stay the night and keep Lily company." Lily Jiang blushed upon hearing Linda.

"Linda, what are you saying? Nelson and I have never slept together before. Even when I stay in the Nalan Clan's residence, I sleep in a separate bedroom," she said.

Linda was surprised to hear this information.

Since Nelson brought Lily Jiang to the Nalan Clan's residence every Friday, Linda had assumed that they were sleeping together.

She'd never expected that they would be sleeping in different bedrooms even though they were in a relationship.

Since Nelson had done his studies abroad, he was probably more open-minded about sex, so why hadn't he slept with Lily Jiang yet? Or was Lily unwilling to sleep with him?

Linda had all these questions running through her head, but she decided that since Nelson was here with them and he was a man, it wouldn't be appropriate to ask their private matters.

Instead, she could ask Lily Jiang in secret tomorrow,

years but she'd never heard him mention his girlfriend. In the past two years, Sam had followed Charles around and only focused on his work. He'd never talked about his girlfriend.

Sam blushed, although his dusky complexion made it easier for him to hide his embarrassment.

He smiled, showing his white teeth, and scratched his head sheepishly. "We have been together for about two years; actually we grew up in the same village. We've been close to each other ever since we were kids. Ever since I joined the military, she has been waiting for me. I've always thought that she's a nice girl who looks beautiful and has a good character, so I got in touch with her during these two years."

Sam's face got redder as he said these words.

Upon hearing him, Linda thought that Sam and his girlfriend must truly love each other as they'd grown up together. They would definitely get married.

Then, turning to Linda, Sam said, "My Lady, please don't crack jokes. What do you want me to do?"

Linda looked him straight in the eyes. "I wasn't joking. I really do want you to drug a woman."

Sam felt more confused upon hearing Linda.

He understood the literal meaning of her words, of course, but he wondered who she wanted him to drug and why.

Seeing confusion written all over his face, Linda began to explain the whole situation to Sam to help him understand.

In fact, Rosy was the woman that Linda wanted Sam to drug...and by "drugging her", Linda didn't really mean what he had thought she meant.

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