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   Chapter 736 Make Rosy Admit Her Crime

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6943

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Ronald had burned his fingers because of Linda's meddling, so he must be angry now. Linda wondered how Jessie would comfort Ronald.

With her eloquence, it would be easy for Jessie to convince Ronald to keep believing in her.

Judging by today's events, Linda guessed that Ronald was a man with a simple mind. He might still help the people who had fooled him.

Since she had figured out the relationship between Ronald and Jessie, Linda decided that it was time to take action.

"I've come up with a plan," Linda announced.

"My Lady, you'll have my support no matter what the plan is. I'll do whatever you need me to do even if it's dangerous,"

Bun said.

Linda waved her off instantly. "No, you don't need to. I want you to stay at home."

Since Bun was pregnant, Linda didn't want to risk putting Bun in any danger. It was better for Bun to just stay at home and rest.

Initially, Linda had thought that she'd need Bun's help to carry out her plan. But upon second thought, she'd decided against it. Bun wasn't as nimble and sturdy as she had been before her pregnancy. There was a higher chance of her getting caught during her mission.

If Jessie were to catch Bun, she wouldn't hesitate to kill her. And without Bun, Linda would be defenseless.

To replace Bun, Linda had to find someone who was just as skilled at martial arts and fighting. Earlier that night, she'd seen a suitable person.

She had briefly considered asking Liz to perform the task.

But that was another idea that she'd quickly decided against.

Liz was in charge of Little Potato and Little Tomato's safety. She had to be with them 24 hours a day to protect them.

Even though the Mu Clan's villa was perfectly secure, Linda couldn't be sure that her babies would be a hundred percent safe here.

After all, the villa was very big.

Even though all the servants had been investigated carefully before being selected to work in the Mu Clan's villa, there was still the possibility of one or more of them being spies. There were many people plotting again

for a run every morning to keep herself fit and healthy. But now, she had to stop to gasp for air after running for just two minutes.

"My Lady, is the concoction for Rosy?" Anna asked.

Linda nodded. "Yes, it is. Nowadays, there are very few people who believe in ghosts, and I think Rosy doesn't believe in them either. But if she's in a trance, it will be easier to scare her and make her confess her crime." Since everyone in the room was on her side, Linda freely explained her plan to them.

"Ah, I see. That can be done, My Lady. I can prescribe some traditional Chinese medicine that makes people become drowsy and start hallucinating," Anna answered.

Anna was an excellent doctor, proficient in both traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine.

All the other hospitals kept trying to recruit her with the promise of a hefty salary, but Anna insisted on staying in the Mu Clan's private hospital to repay a kindness. Linda really admired her.

It had been years since Anna had worked for the Mu Clan's private hospital after she graduated.

Luckily, the business of the Mu's Group had been greatly developed in the past few years after Charles had taken over. He'd helped the Mu's Group double the volume of their business. The private hospital of the Mu's Clan had been developed as well, so Anna was able to work there comfortably with a higher pay.

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