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   Chapter 735 Take Advantage Of Her Friend

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7919

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In the future, Linda would surely fight with the other members of the Nalan Clan for the ownership of the two companies.

At that time, she would need Lily Jiang's help.

Linda had a feeling that something bad was going to happen in the next few weeks. It would take about a month for Lord Nalan to wake up, so she was worried that Rosy might try to harm him during that time.

Of course, that was why Linda was coming up with a countermeasure. She wasn't willing to wait passively and deal with a problem after it happened.

She wanted to trick Rosy into confessing her crime before Rosy could pull anything.

Finally, Linda pulled herself back to reality. She was pleased with the beautiful blue diamond ring and carefully put it away. Since it was a gift from Charles, she accepted it delightfully without hesitating anymore.

"Thank you, honey."

With a broad smile, Linda kissed Charles on the cheek.

The sound she made when she kissed Charles amused him. She was acting like a happy child celebrating Children's Day.

It was one of the reasons he loved Linda so much. Sometimes, she could be clever and willful like an iron lady, but other times, she could be as adorable as a little kid.

At that moment, Little Potato and Little Tomato were also brought to the dining room.

Since Linda had been very busy lately, she hadn't been able to visit her two cute babies every single day like she'd wanted to.

Luckily, Linda didn't have to breastfeed them anymore, so she had the freedom to focus on other matters. Otherwise, she would have had to stay home every day to nurse and look after them.

"Hi, my little babies."

Linda took Little Potato and Little Tomato from the servant.

Little Tomato, who had been watching when Linda had kissed Charles just now, put her hands on Linda's neck and kissed Linda on the cheek.

Seeing Little Tomato imitating her, Linda felt amused. Her cheek was stained with saliva now.

On the other hand, Little Potato looked aloof and leaned quietly against Linda's shoulder as he glanced around at the people in the room.

"The last time Lady Violet came here, she said that Little Potato looks like Young Master used to when he was a kid," Bun said with a smile.

When Violet had come to visit the two babies a few days ago, she'd commented that Little Potato had the same tempera

ought of what had happened today. "You're right. Before today, Ronald never insulted me or tried to molest me. Every time he tried to talk to me in the past, I would just ignore him, and he would leave as soon as he realized that he was snubbed."

After all, Ronald had never followed Lily to the washroom with roses before.

The roses were especially suspicious.

Just then, Bun's phone beeped with a notification.

"My Lady, I've helped you investigate Ronald and collected the information you want."

Linda took the phone from Bun and started to read the e-mail.

She quickly focused on the most important clue: the Luo Clan and the Zhuo Clan had been on friendly terms for generations, so Jessie and Ronald had known each other since they were kids.

That meant that Jessie and Ronald might be childhood friends.

Moreover, the Zhuo Clan relied on the Nalan Clan to do their business, so there was a chance that Ronald knew Rosy, too.

Linda guessed that Ronald, Jessie, and Rosy had probably plotted this incident together.

Linda was sure that Jessie must have been the one who came up with this idea and persuaded Ronald to do such a reckless thing.

Today, Ronald had even said a lot of offensive things and repeatedly called Nelson a servant.

If no one had misinformed Ronald and incited him to chase Lily, Ronald could not have done such a reckless thing.

The only explanation was that someone had tried to secretly instigate him.

It seemed that Ronald was unlucky to have such a vicious friend who wanted to take advantage of him.

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