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   Chapter 734 Vivid Blue Diamond Ring

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Charles returned to the kitchen and continued with his cooking. He was preparing a variety of dishes for the party.

As Charles left the dining room, Linda stole a curious glance at him, wondering why his behavior was so strange. She understood that Charles might want to thank everyone for their help, especially given what Anna, Eugene, and Adrian had done for her grandfather's surgery. But he could have just taken everyone out to have fun or treated them to a big meal.

Linda didn't understand why Charles wanted to cook dinner by himself all of a sudden. He was already busy enough with work, he didn't have to bother himself with cooking too. Moreover, the amount of food he was preparing was enough for a party! But Linda didn't ponder too much over it as she was distracted by the conversations her friends were having.

It wasn't until the middle of dinner, when all the lights were suddenly turned off, that Linda's question was finally answered.

The dark dining room was suddenly lit up by candles on the cake. Then, everyone in the room began to sing the birthday song together. Linda covered her mouth in surprise. Deeply moved by the warm scene in front of her, her eyes turned red with tears.

It had been many years since the last time she'd celebrated her birthday. In fact, she'd almost forgotten the date of her birthday.

Moreover, she had been worrying about her grandfather's surgery the whole day, so she'd totally forgotten about her own birthday. Even if she'd remembered it, she would never have expected Charles to keep it in mind and even hold a party for her.

So that was why he had invited them over and personally cooked all the dishes! It was all for her.

Linda's face glowed as she stared at Charles in awe.

"Happy birthday, honey," Charles said affectionately as he pushed a cart toward Linda. On the cart was a large birthday cake in the shape of a human figure.

The figure looked like a cute little version of Linda. It was wearing a pink evening dress that looked very much like the one Linda had worn on her second encounter with Charles, when he had come to the Xia Clan's house.

Linda felt a lump in her throat as she stared into Charles's eyes. It seemed that Charles remembered everything about her.

The candlelight gently danced across the faces of everyone in the room.

Surrounded by the group of friends singing the birthday song, Charles came over to Linda and hugged her. "Honey..." Linda wrapped her arms around Charles.

Today, she turned 25 according to the Chinese Calendar. She would be starting a new phase of her life now.

People always said that turning 20 years old was a turning point in a person's life.

Before the age of 20, people were young, vivid, and full of e

r to their bedroom right now. But there were too many people in the house now, so Charles had no choice but to restrain himself. He took a deep breath to compose himself.

"Linda, most people don't know much about diamonds, and there's a very low chance of one of them knowing that this ring is worth more than 60 million dollars. They might think that it's just a normal diamond ring. Don't worry too much about it. I don't think it will be a problem for you to wear it. Besides, you're the Lady of the Mu Clan. It's normal to receive such a gift from your husband,"

Lily said with a smile.

Lily genuinely felt happy for Linda, but it wasn't because of the money or the expensive gifts that Linda had received from Charles. She was happy for Linda because Charles really loved Linda and spoiled her a lot. Just like Charles, Nelson had also given Lily a lot of things for her birthday, but she'd refused most of the expensive gifts. Lily knew how hard Nelson worked and she didn't want him to waste so much money on such unnecessary things. Moreover, she wanted their relationship to be purely about love and not money.

Being a university student, Lily felt that she didn't need so many luxurious things. She didn't want to spend Nelson's money on anything either. Even if Nelson insisted on giving her money, she would feel bad spending it. She wanted to earn her own money after graduation.

And Linda was well aware of that too. Lily had once mentioned to her that she had a lot of interest in concept art in the game industry. Linda knew that Lily had a talent for painting, so she was intending to ask Lily to work in the game company under the Mu's Group when she graduated.

There were a few game companies managed by the Mu's Group. Apart from those, the two companies that Lord Nalan had given Linda were also game companies.

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