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   Chapter 732 Honey, I Miss You So Much

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Linda was ecstatic when she heard that Charles had invited everyone over for dinner. "Great. Welcome to our house to have some fun."

She liked the idea of celebrating the success of Lord Nalan's surgery.

Before leaving, Linda went to see Eugene. He was awake now but he was still receiving the intravenous glucose drip.

He'd fainted from the extreme exhaustion after performing the surgery.

Linda greeted him, feeling a bit guilty.

Just then, Adrian walked into Eugene's ward too. From the way Adrian was panting, it seemed that he had rushed here as soon as he had finished work.

When Adrian saw Eugene's pale face and lips, he felt very sorry for him.

He began to regret asking Eugene to perform the surgery on Lord Nalan. Linda, who was carefully observing Adrian's expression, felt amused when she saw how worried he was about his boyfriend. It seemed Adrian had a sensitive side to him too.

Since Eugene was feeling better now and Adrian was here too, Linda took the chance to invite them to the Mu Clan's villa for dinner as well. Then, she invited Anna too.

Soon, it was decided that Adrian would wait for Eugene and Anna at the hospital and bring them to the Mu Clan's villa after they'd gotten some rest.

After all, Eugene and Anna had just completed a strenuous six-hour surgery, so they needed to rest for a while.

The rest of the group left for the Mu Clan's villa first.

When they reached the villa, Lily Jiang took out her laptop and handed it to Linda. "Linda, I've prepared the audio file that you wanted. You can listen to it now to check whether it's okay. If it's not what you expected, I can make some modifications to it."

Linda eagerly took the laptop and opened the audio software that Lily had used.

When the software loaded, the audio file started playing automatically.

"Give... me... back... my life..." The scary voice startled Charles, who was sitting beside Linda.

He could hear it clearly and could identify it as Lord Nalan's voice.

"What's going on, honey?"

With a proud smile on her face, Linda said, "Lily Jiang is so remarkable that she can make an unconscious man talk using high-tech software."

The audio file continued being played. "I'm your grandfather! How dare you harm me? Do you think you still deserve

he kitchen, they noticed that Linda's face was red and that she was gasping for breath. It was obvious what had happened just now, so they all lowered their heads and snickered, making Linda feel so embarrassed that she blushed again.

She didn't dare to stay in the kitchen anymore. "You stay here and cook dinner by yourself, you bastard! I'm going out to take some rest!" Linda suddenly felt that she was in an awkward situation, which was rare for her. She couldn't adapt to it.

Charles smirked at her affectionately. She looked cute when she was flustered. After she left, Charles started cooking under the guidance of the chefs. Today, he was going to cook some new dishes to celebrate Linda's birthday.

After leaving the kitchen, Linda didn't take any rest. Instead, she played Mahjong with Bun, Lily Jiang, and Nelson, since it had been a while since their last game.

As usual, luck was on her side and she won the game several times. She laughed happily with delight as they played.

But her delight didn't come from the money she won while playing Mahjong; it came from the carefree feeling of playing and spending time with her loved ones.

She always enjoyed being with her friends.

The only thing Linda pursued all the time was simple moments of happiness like this.

After an hour of playing Mahjong, they heard the doorbell ring. Anna, Eugene, and Adrian had arrived at the Mu Clan's villa.

Linda immediately got up to greet the three of them, and then said sincerely, "Doctor Zhuo, Anna, thank you."

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