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   Chapter 731 Young Master Mu Personally Cook A Dinner

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Updated: 2019-04-21 10:09

Although Linda told Bun that she was fine, her trembling hands and the anxious expression on her face betrayed her.

Every second of waiting felt like torture to Linda. She tried her best to compose herself, but she just couldn't help worrying. Her heart was pounding. She was scared that when Eugene came out of the operating room, he would tell her in a tired voice that he was sorry but that the surgery had been a failure.

She didn't want to hear an apology. She only wanted to hear good news.

Her thoughts were interrupted by heavy footsteps approaching in the corridor. Linda raised her head and saw Charles and Paul walking toward her. Tears sprang to her eyes the moment she saw Charles.

"Honey," Charles called tenderly as he walked up to Linda. Seeing Linda's red and watery eyes made his heart ache.

"You bad man," Linda called out with a lump in her throat. Her voice was deep and hoarse with worry.

"Don't worry. Everything will be fine. I'm here now,"

Charles said comfortingly as he sat next to Linda. He put his hand on her slim waist and pulled her into his arms.

Leaning her head on Charles's chest, Linda listened to his heartbeat and took in the familiar smell of his cologne. She gradually relaxed her body and closed her eyes. Now that she was in his arms, all the tension left her body.

Half an hour later, the red light above the door of the operating room was turned off.

Linda felt her heart race. She held her breath and gripped Charles's hands tightly as she anxiously waited for the doctors to come out.

But after waiting for a few moments, there was still no sign of anyone coming out of the operating room or wheeling her grandfather out. The worry in Linda's heart increased. She began to lose hope over the outcome of the surgery.

Next to Linda, Nelson had his eyes fixed on the door of the operating room too. There was a grave expression on his face, and he looked like he might break into the operating room anytime now.

Feeling Linda's hands trembling in his, Charles held them tightly to comfort her.

"Baby, relax. Trust Eugene and Anna," he said. His soft voice was like magic; it immediately chased away her worries and put her at ease. She felt relieved to have Charles by her side at this important moment. He was always like a shelter that she could take refuge in when things got bad.

If Charles hadn't been here with her now, Linda would have been a nervous wr

ady Linda's birthday. Young Master is inviting all of you to come and have dinner at the Mu Clan's villa." "What?

Today is Lady Linda's birthday? Why didn't she mention it at all?" Bun asked, widening her eyes in surprise.

Charles smiled. "Since Linda's whole attention was on Lord Nalan's surgery today, she forgot her own birthday. Besides, as far as I know, Linda almost never celebrates her own birthday. So this time, I've decided to give her a big surprise. I'm holding a birthday party for her. Since all of you are her closest friends, please come to the Mu Clan's villa and have fun tonight. I'm personally cooking dinner."

Everyone was attentively listening to Charles. It was a rare chance for them to hear Charles speak so many words at a stretch. They knew he was only speaking this much because the matter concerned Linda.

"Wow! Young Master will be cooking for us himself! Oh, my God! That's literally once in a lifetime!" Bun's eyes were sparkling with excitement. Except for Linda, nobody else had ever tasted Charles's cooking. It was a golden chance for them, so there was no way they were going to miss it. They all nodded in agreement excitedly.

After coming back from the washroom, Linda joined the group again but was confused by the strange looks on their faces. They all seemed like they were hiding something from her. But Linda didn't pay much attention to it; she was too busy thinking about the success of her grandfather's surgery. She felt like her heart would burst from happiness.

"Linda, I've invited everyone to have dinner at our home," Charles said, wrapped his arms around her waist.

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