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   Chapter 730 The Operation

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Hearing what Ronald had said, Rosy sneered, looking extremely fierce.

She despised Linda more than anything.

"I guess you don't know it yet. That Lady Linda was once a nobody, too," said Rosy.

"What? That's impossible! How could an ordinary girl marry into the Mu Clan? Are you joking, Lady Rosy?" Ronald asked in disbelief, genuinely thinking that Rosy was joking.

"Why would I lie to you? It's the truth!" Rosy said, getting a bit angry.

"Here, these are some articles about Linda. Read them yourself! Master Ronald, what have you been doing all these years? Don't you know any recent news about the social circle?" Jessie said scornfully, handing Ronald her phone.

Ronald took the phone from Jessie and started reading.

All the events of Linda's life, like her return to the Xia Clan and her engagement to Charles Mu, were listed chronologically in the articles.

After Ronald finished reading, he looked up at Rosy and Jessie in disbelief.

"Charles Mu actually did marry a poor girl! That's funny. I thought he'd married someone from a wealthy family," he said.

Rosy snorted, "Who knows what Linda had done to seduce Young Master Mu."

There was a time when she'd been obsessed with Charles and had wanted to marry him more than anything.

That was the biggest reason why Rosy hated Linda so much.

It hurt her to see how much Charles adored Linda. Rosy was better than Linda in every way, so why couldn't Charles love her?

And Linda hadn't been satisfied with just taking away the man Rosy had loved.

Later, she had come to the Nalan Clan, become Haley Nalan, and taken away Lord Nalan's affections from Rosy.

Rosy felt bitter when she thought about all those incidents.

And her hatred toward Linda kept increasing with each passing day.

"If it weren't for Linda Xia sticking her nose where it didn't belong, today wouldn't have been such a disaster!" Ronald roared, gnashing his teeth together in

Nelson was so nervous that he could feel his heart pounding against his chest.

He was more worried about the outcome of Lord Nalan's operation than Linda was.

Nelson was an orphan who had been brought to the Nalan Clan by Lord Nalan. Since Lord Nalan was the one who had raised him, he regarded Lord Nalan as his own grandfather.

He wanted Lord Nalan to regain his consciousness more than anyone in the world.

When they reached the operating room, they saw that the red light above the room was still on, which meant that the operation hadn't been completed yet.

They all sat outside the operating room, waiting quietly and praying that the operation would be a success. The only thing Linda wanted now was for Lord Nalan to wake up from his coma and live a few more decades in good health.

The wait was excruciating.

When the clock struck five, they all turned to look at the operation room but found that the red light was still on.

Linda had been informed that the operation would take a few hours to complete. Four hours had passed so far.

Linda lowered her head and stared at her shoes while praying for Lord Nalan. Bun gently patted Linda on the shoulder and said, "Don't worry, My Lady. The operation will be a success!"

"Thank you. I'm fine," replied Linda.

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