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   Chapter 729 The Lady Of A Rich Clan And The Poor Student

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Although many men had chased Lily Jiang, none of them had done anything extreme to her before. And none of them had been reckless enough to corner her in the school washroom as Ronald had.

But Ronald had been studying in the same university as Lily for a long time now, so why did he do such a horrible thing to Lily all of a sudden? Linda had a strong feeling that someone had incited Ronald to do this.

And Linda's sixth sense was always right.

"My Lady, where should we go now? To the Mu Clan's villa or the hospital?" Bun asked.

Linda was about to say that she wanted to go back home, but she was worried about Lord Nalan, who was at the hospital. Earlier in the afternoon, she'd set out to the school with the intention of picking Lily Jiang up and bringing her back to the Mu Clan's villa. After all, Lily Jiang had told her that she was done with the audio file, and Linda had wanted to focus on that instead of waiting outside the operating room for five or six hours. She'd thought that waiting that long would make her more upset and worried.

But after dealing with the problem at the Student Affairs Office and everything else, it was nearly four o'clock now.

The operation would be completed in two hours or so.

Besides, Linda had to take Nelson's feelings into consideration as well. As Lord Nalan's ward, Nelson was probably very worried about Lord Nalan at this moment.

"Go to the hospital," Linda finally said.

Nelson immediately changed his route and drove toward the Mu Clan's private hospital.


Ronald was very angry about how things had turned out that day.

But he didn't want such a thing to influence his mood.

So as soon as he walked out of the school building, he decided to ask his friends to come out with him for a drink. He wanted to have some fun with them so that he could momentarily forget about everything that had happened.

However, much to his displeasure, he received a call from his mother right at that moment. She scolded him angrily over the phone and asked him to get back home right now.

Ronald was so annoyed that he hung up the phone abruptly, unwilling to talk to her anymore.

Holly was furious at how disobedient Ronald was being. After all the trouble he'd caused earlier, he still dared to end her call impolitely.

It seemed that Ronald was becoming increasingly willful.

When Ronald reached the school gate, he saw Rosy and Jessie. He got even more angry at the sight of them. He'd been fearless about pursuing Lily only because Rosy and Jessie had told him that Nelson was just a servant. He'd never expected that Nelson would be a powerful person, let alone the school's senior lea

this matter, but when she found out that that woman is the Lady of the Mu Clan, she immediately yielded. I'm just so confused. How does Lily know the Lady of the Mu Clan? Lily has nothing to do with the Mu Clan or its members at all."

Linda was the lady of a rich clan while Lily Jiang was just a poor student, so how had they become friends? Ronald couldn't wrap his head around the fact.

Rosy began to realize that Linda was the one who had meddled in this matter.

Although she kept a straight face, she became annoyed while thinking of Linda. Linda had appeared at the right time to destroy Rosy's plot yet again.

"You can't blame us for this incident. The information we told you is correct. Nelson is indeed a servant of the Nalan Clan. But since the school is a property of the Nalan Clan and Nelson works for the Nalan Clan, he is responsible for managing the school. Lord Nalan thought highly of Nelson, so naturally, he made Nelson the senior leader of the school."

Noticing that Ronald still looked angry, Jessie continued, "You were very unlucky to come across the Lady of the Mu Clan today. But you can't blame us. All we wanted to do was to help you get Lily. We're on familiar terms with each other, right? I've treated you as my good friend until now. I would never do anything to get you into trouble."

Ronald nodded. He thought that Jessie's words made sense.

"Yes, I guess I just had bad luck today. I didn't expect to meet the Lady of the Mu Clan. My parents once warned me that I shouldn't offend the four most powerful clans and the Nalan Clan. I really didn't know that Lily knows the Lady of the Mu Clan and that they are good friends. By any chance, do you know how a poor student like her got the chance to become friends with the lady of a rich clan?"

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