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   Chapter 728 The Surprising USB Flash Drive

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Ronald widened his eyes in surprise and stared at Linda with an annoyed look on his face.

"What's wrong? You don't want to buy Lily a new phone? But it's your responsibility to do that since you broke her old one. Besides, being the Young Master of the Zhuo Clan, you can't be so stingy that you don't even want to buy a phone. Or are you trying to tell me that your family couldn't even afford a new phone?" Linda said.

Before Ronald could reply, Holly drew him aside and hissed, "Shut up. Don't argue with her."

Then, wearing a big smile on her face, Holly said, "Oh, no, it's not a problem at all. I will get someone to buy the latest version of the iPhone and bring it to Lily tomorrow."

Linda nodded and said with a smile, "Okay. Please bring it to the Mu Clan's villa. Lily will be staying there with me tonight."

Holly was shocked to hear Linda. If Lily Jiang was staying at the Mu Clan's villa for the night, she must be on really good terms with Linda.

Holly finally realized the exact extent of Ronald's stupidity. How could he act so recklessly without investigating Lily's background in advance?

She decided to punish her son after going back home.

Ronald was so furious at the way he was being treated that he turned around abruptly, opened the door and left.

Even though he was already in the corridor and didn't have to look at all their faces anymore, he still felt indignant and ashamed.

His mother had scolded him and made him lose face in front of everyone, including Lily Jiang, her boyfriend, and the school counselor, Mr. Wang. He felt like the influence he had in the school had weakened. It was lucky that his minions hadn't been in the Student Affairs Office as well.

After Ronald left, Holly stood there, feeling embarrassed about her son's behavior.

She said hastily, "Lady Linda, I'm so sorry. My son is acting this way because I've spoiled him too much. I think I should leave now. I won't bother you anymore."

"Wait a minute," Linda replied with a smile. Holly gulped and stood there expectantly. What was the problem now? She couldn't wait to get out of there.

Linda turned to Bun and said, "Bun, do you have a USB flash drive with you?"

Bun shook her head. She hadn't thought that they'd need one that day.

"I have one!" Mr. Wang yelled excitedly. Now that he knew that Linda was the Lady of the Mu Clan, he wanted to take any chance he could to please her.

Linda smiled and said, "Thank you. I intend to give this flash drive to Mrs. Zhuo. You can ask her to return it to you later."

Holly looked mystified. She'd no idea what Linda was planning.

"You're welcome. It's my pleasure

ty that the operation will be successful,"

Linda said calmly.

"Don't worry, everyone. Lord Nalan is a good person and God will bless him. He'll definitely wake up," Lily Jiang said slowly.

Since this topic set them all on edge, they stopped talking about it. After all, the operation was going on right now and they would find out the results in another three or four hours. It was useless to worry too much about it or discuss it now.

"Oh right, My Lady. I saw you give Mrs. Zhuo a flash drive today. What did you put inside the flash drive?" Bun asked curiously.

"Well, I copied the audio recording recorded in my dragon ring onto the flash drive. The recording contained some impertinent remarks that Holly made which could destroy the Zhuo Clan's reputation," Linda said, smiling.

Bun thought back to Holly's words and said, "I remember her saying that she was the law and that she wanted to kill you. Are those the remarks that you recorded and copied into the flash drive?"

"Yes! You're so smart, Bun." Linda affectionately patted Bun on the head.

Lily Jiang, who was sitting in the passenger seat in the front, turned to look at Linda and said sincerely, "Linda, thanks for your help today. Sorry for bringing you trouble."

Linda clucked her tongue in disapproval and said, "Don't say that. We're good friends, and good friends help each other. Anyway, it wasn't your fault. Ronald is indeed a bastard. You should have kicked him much harder and make him impotent. That would've taught him a lesson! Anyway, he won't dare to bully you again."

But when Linda thought back to the whole incident, she was still confused about why Ronald had been so sure that Nelson was a servant.

She wondered where he had heard such a ridiculous thing from.

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