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   Chapter 727 Don't Waste It

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Holly couldn't believe her bad luck. Why hadn't she recognized Nelson earlier?

She shot an angry glance at her son. Ronald always stirred up all kinds of trouble, but this time, he had crossed the line.

Holly had told him many times that no matter how unruly he was, he could never offend the people from the four biggest clans and the Nalan Clan. But now, after all these years of getting off without so much as a slap on the wrist, he'd finally gotten into big trouble.

It was obvious to Holly that the Lady of the Mu Clan wasn't a person who could be dealt with easily.

Things had become much more complicated.

Holly silently stole a glance at Nelson and Lily. Lily Jiang being Nelson's girlfriend made the situation even worse.

Holly knew that Lily's version of the story must be the truth, because in the past, Ronald had behaved in a similar way with other girls too. However, in those cases, none of the girls had come from a strong background, so Holly had managed to easily solve every problem that her son got into by paying off or bribing someone.

But she wouldn't be able to do that today. What she was dealing with now was a completely different matter. The Nalan Clan was a rich family, and Nelson, who was a member of the school board and a representative of the Nalan Clan, must be rich too.

As Nelson's girlfriend, Lily wouldn't have any need to worry about money either. So, Holly couldn't solve the problem with money this time.

Standing at one side, Linda gleefully watched Nelson handle the matter. She knew how angry he must be at the moment.

She was angry too, but she kept out of it because it wouldn't be appropriate for her to solve this matter by using the Mu Clan's name. Instead, she decided to just let Nelson deal with it. Linda would support Nelson and Lily no matter what they wanted to do.

She still remembered how much Nelson had helped her when her face had been disfigured by Amy Qi. He had given her company and protection during those days. Linda thought of Nelson as her brother.

As for Lily, Linda thought of her as a good friend. Lily had helped Linda in a lot of ways ever since they'd become friends.

So no matter what, Linda wouldn't allow anyone to bully Lily like this. She would definitely do whatever she could to help Lily.

Ronald had really crossed the line. Cornering a girl in the ladies room and trying to force her to have sex was a serious crime! What the hell had Ronald been thinking? Luckily, his wicked plan hadn't succeeded. Otherwise, it would have hurt Lily and Nelson very much.

"Ronald, come here. Apologize to Lily," Holly said, waving her son over. She understood the situation now, so she thought it would be wise to swallow their pride first. It was better to make an apology than get expelled from the school.

If Ronald really got expelled from the school, it would be an embarrassment to the whole Zhuo Cl

such a hurry?"

Holly reluctantly turned around, forced a smile, and asked, "Lady Linda, is there any other problem?"

"If I guessed right, your son broke Lily's phone. I think he should get her a new one to compensate. What do you think?" asked Linda.

Earlier, on the way to the school, when Linda had dialed Lily's number, she had gotten through to Lily for a second before the call got disconnected. Then, she had called a second time, only to receive an automated message saying that Lily's phone was switched off.

Later on, when Linda had gone to the ladies washroom near the library, she'd noticed a few broken pieces of a phone scattered next to the roses. Linda believed that Ronald must have broken Lily's phone during her struggle.

"Oh, really? Is that true, Ronald?" Holly turned to her son and asked.

Ronald reluctantly nodded his head.

"Okay. Lily, what's the brand of your phone? I will have someone send you a new one," said Holly.

Before Lily could open her mouth to answer, Linda cut in instead and said, "Oh, Lily has forgotten the brand and model number of her phone. Never mind. Please just send her the latest version of the iPhone with the largest storage capacity."

Linda laughed to herself. 'I'm not going to waste the chance to help Lily gain an extra advantage from these shameless people!'

In fact, Lily's broken phone was an old version of the MIUI phone and it wasn't that expensive. The Android OS of her phone could be very slow sometimes. Nelson always talked about wanting to buy a new phone for Lily, but Lily refused him every time.

A gift of expensive cellphone was totally different from buying her snacks. Lily didn't want to depend on Nelson for anything, especially money. She wanted their relationship to be purely about love.

"What did you say? Don't be ridiculous! Her old phone was a very cheap model. Why should I get her the latest version of the iPhone?" Ronald snapped.

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