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   Chapter 726 Seeking Justice For Lily

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 10198

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"So you mean they were just messing around with each other like preschool children fought over some toys?" Linda said with a sneer.

She had dealt with people like Holly before. They would look and see which way the wind blew before committing themselves. Just moments ago, Holly had been insisting that Lily should be expelled from the school for hurting her son. But now, after finding out that Linda was the Lady of the Mu Clan, Holly's attitude had completely changed.

"Yes, my son is a young man, so it's normal for him to chase girls. And since Lily Jiang is really pretty, of course he would pursue her. As his parents, we understand such kind of behavior," said Holly hurriedly. There was a big smile on Holly's face. She was trying to be as polite as possible.

"It's normal for boys to like girls, but your son was way out of line. He blocked Lily's path and cornered her in the ladies washroom. What's more, he twisted the facts to suit his purpose. Shouldn't he be punished for framing another student?" said Linda with a faint smile. As she spoke, Linda lowered herself onto the couch and crossed her legs. She felt tired after standing for such a long time.

Holly was stunned by Linda's words. She'd thought that Linda would spare her son if she caved in, but she was wrong. She'd expected Linda to make a concession. After all, she was the Lady of the Zhuo Clan, and her son was the one who had gotten injured.

But now, she realized that Linda wouldn't let this go easily.

"So how do you want to deal with this matter?" Holly asked calmly. She knew that she shouldn't have any direct conflict with Linda now, so she decided to work with Linda to find out what Linda really wanted. She was still very angry about Linda slapping her, but she had no choice but to swallow it.

She had never imagined that she'd run into the Lady of the Mu Clan at the university Ronald studied in. On top of that, she'd never thought that a nobody like Lily would have been acquainted with someone as powerful as Linda.

But now, she was sure that it wouldn't be easy to deal with Linda.

If she'd known Linda's real identity in the beginning, she would have never done anything to offend Linda in the first place.

But now, there was nothing she could do except swallow her anger and resentment.

"I don't know. I'm not the victim here. Let's ask Lily's opinion." Even though Linda had stood up for Lily, she decided to let Lily make the decision.

Since Lily was the one who had been bullied by Ronald, it was only fair that she would get to decide how to deal with this matter.

If Lily didn't want to make a big deal out of it, Linda would cut Holly and her son some slack. Linda wasn't afraid of the Zhuo Clan, but she didn't want to make them her enemies either. It was a small city, and they might run into each other in the future. The smart thing to do was to minimize the conflict.

Linda always tried to be lenient wherever it was possible because she thought that she would live a happier life that way. B

ouldn't understand why Lily had chosen Nelson over him.

Before Nelson could reply, Linda said, "Who told you that Nelson is a servant? He is one of the most trusted members of the Nalan Clan. He is in charge of most of the Nalan Clan's affairs and he represents the Nalan Clan when it comes to making big decisions. In fact, he's the one who is handling all the issues in the school on behalf of the Nalan Clan. So, he has the right to decide whether the university should expel you or not."

Ronald was surprised by Linda's words. "What are you talking about? He isn't a servant?"

Linda glanced at Ronald and said, "I can only say it once. If you didn't hear it clearly, I suggest you go get your ears checked."

Linda believed that she had made herself well-understood. She wondered if Ronald was merely pretending not to know Nelson's status in the Nalan Clan.

But when she saw the surprise on his face, she realized that he was genuinely shocked by her words.

"You... I don't believe..." Ronald stammered, disbelief written all over his face. He was speechless with shock. His face turned so red that Linda found it amusing.

"What the hell is going on? Is what she said true?" Holly asked Mr. Wang. Holly was finally coming to realize that her son had stirred up serious trouble. But she wasn't as impulsive as her son was. She wanted to make everything clear before she made her next move.

Nodding, Mr. Wang replied honestly, "Yes, Mr. Li is on the school board and he is an important decision-maker. He represents the Nalan Clan."

Holly started to realize that the name "Nelson Li" indeed sounded familiar.

She suddenly remembered a dinner she attended with her husband, Jimmy Zhuo, two years ago.

The dinner party had been hosted by Lord Nalan. Jimmy had proposed a toast to Lord Nalan with her at the dinner party. At that moment, Nelson had been the one sitting next to Lord Nalan. It had been two years since then, so Holly's memory of Nelson was vague. But she remembered it all of a sudden.

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