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   Chapter 725 Had A Fight In A Playful Way

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"The Lady of the Mu Clan? Which Mu Clan? Are you referring to the family at the entrance to your village?" Ronald suddenly burst out into laughter as if he'd just heard the funniest joke in the world.

He knew that Lily Jiang was an orphan who'd been born into a poor family. She was just a poor student depending on student grants, so there was no way she could know the Lady of any rich clans, let alone the Lady of the Mu Clan.

Lily Jiang wasn't good at arguing with others, so she pursed her lips in annoyance.

"Why are you standing still? Catch them right now," Ronald shouted again when he saw his guards hesitating.

The guards of the Zhuo Clan closed in on Linda and Bun and reached out to grasp them.

Nelson furrowed his eyebrows as he tried to think of a way to prevent them from bullying Linda.

But just when he was about to say something, there came a voice from the door.

"Who dares to touch them?" Linda breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the familiar voice. It was none other than Sam.

Sam slowly walked into the room, surprised to see how packed the room was.

At the moment, Sam was wearing his armed police uniform and carrying a gun.

"Who are you? Just go back to whatever hole you crawled out of and mind your own business," Ronald said, casting a glance at Sam.

Sam snorted and snapped his fingers.

Immediately, ten members of the Mu Security Team appeared at the door and stared straight at Ronald.

Ronald was so frightened that he fell back on the floor the moment he saw them.

But he mustered up the little courage he had left and asked angrily, "Who are you trying to scare?"

Not wanting to cause any unnecessary disputes, Sam walked over to Ronald and squatted down in front of him with a smile. Ronald shuffled back awkwardly in fear that Sam would do something to him.

Then, without saying anything, Sam stood up and walked to Linda. He bowed to her with respect and said, "My Lady, I'm sorry. It seems we're late."

"It doesn't matter." Linda shook her head.

Holly, who was silently watching the whole scene, began to look flustered and nervous.

When Lily Jiang had said earlier that Linda was the Lady of the Mu Clan, Holly had thought that Lily had just been trying to scare them with such a silly statement.

But now, it seemed that Lily's statement was the truth.

Holly had once hear

just because he failed to get a girl? Well, it seems that the Zhuo Clan members raise and teach their children in a very special way. Did your husband also chase you in such a way?"

Linda was being much more blunt and impolite to Holly than she was with other people because she thought that an arrogant and snobbish woman like Holly deserved it.

Holly looked like she'd been slapped in the face again. After realizing that Linda was the Lady of the Mu Clan, she'd quickly looked up her photos on the Internet.

The only photos she'd been able to find of Linda were photos of Linda attending parties and events. But since Linda always wore light make-up no matter where she went, Holly could still recognize her. There was no doubt that the woman in front of her was indeed the Lady of the Mu Clan.

Even though the Zhuo Clan was a rich and powerful clan, it wasn't a patch on the Mu Clan, which was one of the more, if not the most, rich and influential clans in SH City.

Besides, the Zhuo Group looked to the Mu Clan for support because a lot of its business relied on the Mu's Group.

So even though Holly was unwilling to yield to Linda, she finally decided to backtrack and said, "Well, you're the Lady of the Mu Clan, right? I think there's been a big misunderstanding here. Ronald and Lily are just kids. The fight between them must have just been a childish and playful one. We don't have to waste so much time on such a trifle, right? I promise that I won't blame or punish the girl who kicked my son, so let's stop arguing and let this matter end now in a peaceful way."

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