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   Chapter 724 The Dispute Escalated

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"Pardon? I didn't hear what you said. Can you say it again? Do you mean that the Zhuo Clan is beyond the reach of the law? That you don't need to obey any rules or laws of the society?" Linda asked, smirking.

Holly Wei snorted in disdain and said, "Huh! What's the law? It means little to me. You'll be dead meat if I simply give an order. What's your name?"

Linda was about to reply when the door of the Student Affairs Office was pushed open again.

It was Nelson who walked in.

He was gasping for breath after running all the way here.

As soon as he'd heard that Lily was in trouble at the school, he'd immediately put aside all his work and hurried here.

"My Lady," Nelson greeted Linda first after coming in.

Linda nodded to him, heaving a sigh.

Then, with worry written all over his face, Nelson quickly strode to Lily and asked with concern, "Baby, are you okay?"

'Baby, are you okay?' Ronald Zhuo incredulously repeated Nelson's words in his mind. The words were unpleasant to his ears. He gritted his teeth in anger.

'Is this man Nelson Li? The servant of the Nalan Clan?' he wondered.

"Wow! Aren't you a servant? Why does a servant need to dress up like a businessman nowadays? Who are you trying to fool?" Ronald asked, staring at Nelson with contempt.

Since Nelson's true identity had been confirmed by the eldest daughter of the Nalan Clan herself, Ronald wasn't afraid of Nelson at all.

"Servant? Who told you that?" Linda asked curiously, her eyebrows furrowed. She suddenly had a feeling that there was more to this incident than met the eye.

Why would Ronald think that Nelson was a servant? The fact that Lily had a boyfriend was probably known by most students in the school, including Ronald.

Although Nelson wasn't a family member of the Nalan Clan by blood, Lord Nalan considered him a family member and had given him a very important position in the Nalan Clan.

Lord Nalan had specially trained and cultivated Nelson's ability since his childhood. He had sent Nelson abroad to study business administration. After Nelson had graduated and come back to SH City, he had stayed by Lord Nalan's side and helped him manage most of the Nalan Clan's business and family affairs. Now, Nelson was even more familiar with the Nalan Clan's business than Lord Nalan was.

Basically, there was no way that Nelson could be considered a servant of the Nalan Clan.

"Am I wron

ollars. Isn't that a very good deal?" Holly said again, trying to persuade him.

"How ridiculous are you going to get? What gave you the guts to say such things? Aren't you afraid that karma will catch up to you?" Linda snapped at her outright.

Holly realized how eloquent Linda was when it came to arguing, and it made her feel agitated. "You! Was I talking to you just now? Don't think that you can get away with this just because you're not a student at this school. I have my ways to find your identity. You will get your punishment sooner or later. I suggest that you apologize for everything right now. Otherwise, you will suffer the consequences!" Holly threatened Linda.

Just when Holly finished her words, the door of the Student Affairs Office was opened again.

A middle-aged man wearing black clothes rushed in with a group of men behind him. When he saw Holly and Ronald, he greeted them with great courtesy. "Lady Holly, Master Ronald."

Seeing his group of men made Ronald become courageous all of a sudden. He pointed at Linda and ordered, "Come, catch this woman right now!"

The group of men immediately squeezed into the office and surrounded Linda and Bun.

Linda was taken aback. The small office had become very crowded after all these men had come in.

"Don't you have any shame? You've called so many people to bully two women? Linda is Charles Mu's wife, the Lady of the Mu Clan! If she gets injured, can you take responsibility for that? Do you think you can face the consequences?" Lily yelled, unable to control her anger. She didn't want Linda to get hurt while trying to help her.

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