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   Chapter 722 Help Her Punish Bun

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Linda knew that Lily Jiang wouldn't have harmed Ronald without any reason.

Ronald must have tried to hurt Lily first.

As soon as Linda heard Ronald speak, she knew that he was lying.

Linda guessed that Ronald had probably confessed his love to Lily Jiang but she'd refused him, causing him to get angry and try to harass her instead.

Of course, Lily Jiang wasn't one to yield, so she had kicked him right in the crotch.

Since the manhood was a man's weakest point, Ronald must have been in a lot of pain after being kicked there. No wonder Ronald was so indignant about it now. But the way he was ganging up on Lily with his mother was inexcusable.

Linda turned to Bun and said gently, "Bun, call Nelson and tell him to come to the Student Affairs Office right now because Lily is being bullied by a bitch."

Bun nodded and said, "Okay."

Upon hearing Linda utter the word "bitch," Holly lost her temper. She walked up to Linda, arrogantly raised her chin, and said, "Watch your tongue! Bitch? Who are you calling a bitch?"

"You! How can you be so arrogant and treat other people so unfairly even though the whole matter hasn't come to light yet? You son might be very dear to you, but Lily Jiang is very dear to her family too,"

Linda said bluntly, showing no respect for Holly. She didn't see the point in trying to reason with such an unreasonable woman.

"What are you talking about? You!" Holly pointed at Linda, too furious to say anything else. At that moment, a middle-aged woman, who looked to be about 40 years old, walked up to Linda and said, "You're such a reckless woman! How dare you talk to Lady Holly like that? Today, I'll teach you a lesson on behalf of your parents!"

After the woman finished these words, she raised her hand to slap Linda.

Bun wanted to stop the woman, but Linda had already grasped the woman's hand.

"We live in a society ruled by law now, so it's inappropriate to hit others," Linda said coolly.

The middle-aged woman stood there fuming. She couldn't believe that Linda had the audacity to stop her. She raised her other hand to hit Linda, but this time, Bun kicked her hand away.

Bun had used so much force that a sharp pain shot through the woman's hand. The woman felt like her hand had been broken.

Linda took a sullen glance at the woman and thought that she must be Holly's vicious servant.

The woman was so arrogant that she wanted to hit people inside the school.

If she could do such a cruel thing in front of so many people, she must be even more supercilious and rude at ho

d information on the Zhuo Clan," she said.

Linda began to read it carefully.

At that moment, Holly was beaming with pride.

She believed that Linda would be so shocked after reading the information that she would backtrack on her words. After all, Linda would realize that she had offended people from an influential clan.

Holly observed Linda, eagerly waiting to see the frightened expression on her face after she finished reading the information.

However, to Holly's surprise, Linda looked calm as she handed the phone back to Bun after a few moments.

Linda glanced at Holly and smiled at the confused expression on her face.

Having studied human psychology at university, Linda could easily figure out what Holly was thinking.

Linda knew that her reaction must have disappointed and even unsettled Holly. Linda wasn't afraid of the Zhuo Clan at all even after reading all this information about them.

She didn't even fear the four most powerful clans in SH City, so why would she fear the Zhuo Clan?

"Are you disappointed that I'm not afraid of you?" Linda stared at Holly with great interest, her mouth twisting into a smile.

Holly swallowed uneasily. She felt like Linda had read her mind.

Linda released Holly's servant's hand and said, "If you dare to raise your hand again, I won't hesitate to break it."

The servant looked at Holly, her eyes filled with tears. She was waiting for Holly to punish Bun on her behalf. Not only was she angry at Bun for kicking her, but she was also angry that Linda and Bun had insulted Holly.

Furrowing her eyebrows, Holly waved at her servant. Her servant immediately walked over and stood behind her, her eyes sparkling with anger.

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