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   Chapter 721 Expel Lily From The University

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"Hey! What are you doing? I'll call the security guard if you continue acting like this!" the woman yelled, looking absolutely livid. The expression on her face changed to horror and sadness when she picked up her phone from the floor and saw that the screen was broken. It was all Bun's fault! If Bun hadn't thrown a book at her, she wouldn't have dropped her phone in shock.

"Ma'am, I just wanted to know the whereabouts of one of your students," said Linda, trying to keep her voice calm. She knew that Bun had acted too rashly, but that didn't change the fact that this counselor had a really bad attitude. What kind of teacher wouldn't care about her students? Linda had half a mind to lecture the counselor about her attitude, but she didn't want to have any conflict with her at the moment. Right now, her only priority was making sure that Lily wasn't in any trouble.

Hearing Linda's voice soften, the counselor became more aggressive and rebuked, "This is the teachers' lounge. Do you think even a dog or a cat is allowed to come in?"

The counselor's words made Linda feel like she'd been slapped. 'A dog? A cat? This woman is so rude!' she thought to herself.

She had already softened her tone hoping to avoid any conflict, so she hadn't expected the counselor to be so rude and aggressive.

But since Linda had something more important to do now, she swallowed her anger and turned around. She had to go and look for Lily right now. Besides, if she continued staying here, Bun might do something rash again. There was no way Bun would stand by and watch quietly after someone called Linda a dog or a cat.

When Linda stepped out of the teachers' lounge, she went over to one of the students in the corridor and asked him how to get to the Student Affairs Office.

The student told her that the Student Affairs Office was on the ground floor. Linda quickly grabbed Bun's hand and headed toward the office.

On their way to the office, Linda wondered why Lily was at the Student Affairs Office in the first place. Generally, when a student committed a mistake, they would be taken to the Student Affairs Office to be given disciplinary treatment.

But it had only been two or three hours since Linda had spoken to Lily on the phone. What kind of mistake could Lily have committed during the short lunch time? Had she skipped her classes this morning?

But it was normal for university students to skip classes. It wasn't a matter serious enough to be taken to the Student Affairs Office.

Linda used to skip classes too when she was a university student.

Linda came back to her senses when they arrived at a door with the words "Student Affairs Office" on it.

She was just about to knock on the door when she heard the loud shrill of a woman coming from inside the office.

The woman seemed to be vehemently arguing about something. Linda leaned closer to the door to

erson who liked quarreling with people, so she didn't want to explain further. Before Linda had come into the office, she had just stayed silent and endured all the cruel things that Holly Wei had said to her. But now that Linda was here, Lily felt more confident and wanted to explain the situation.

"Ronald, is she telling the truth?" Holly Wei asked, turning to her son.

Ronald Zhuo still felt his crotch hurting.

When he heard his mother's question, he nodded weakly and said, "Yes, mother. I like her, so I went to confess my love to her with a bouquet of roses. If she didn't want to accept my love, she could have just told me that instead of hitting me. I'd barely finished speaking when she suddenly kicked me in the crotch."

Holly Wei's anger rose when she heard her son's words. She turned to Lily, let out a cold hum and said, "Don't you know that it's an honor for any girl to be pursued by my son?

How dare you reject him, and even go so far as to hit him?! I won't allow such a shameless woman to stay in this school anymore, and I won't allow any other university to accept you either. You've ruined your own life!"

She couldn't believe that her dear son had been turned down by such an ordinary woman. Before coming here, she had asked her secretary to investigate Lily's background and had found that Lily was only a poor orphan.

How dare an orphan reject the love of the eldest son of the Zhuo Clan?

Wasn't it a big joke?

Holly felt disgraced and humiliated.

"You won't allow me to stay in this school? What gives you the right to do that? I have no reason to accept this punishment. Your son is in the wrong," Lily retorted. Until now, Lily hadn't bothered arguing with this unreasonable woman, but hearing that she might be expelled from the school made her anxious.

Lily had studied very hard for the past few years. If she was forced to drop out, all her efforts would be in vain.

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