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   Chapter 720 Pregnant Women Were Irritable

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7234

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Linda couldn't shake off the bad feeling she was having, so she started running to the library to make sure that Lily was safe.

"You don't have to keep up, Bun. You can walk," Linda said when she saw Bun locking the car hastily, trying to keep pace with her.

Bun could take her time. Linda figured that she would be all right even if she went ahead alone. After all, she was just going there to make sure that Lily was safe.

Bun nodded in reply.

Linda was quite familiar with the path to the library since she had been there several times to meet Lily. She arrived at the library in no time and walked in.

It was quiet. There were a few students studying here, trying to make full use of their afternoon break.

To avoid interrupting the students, Linda walked as softly as she could around the library.

But to her surprise, Lily was nowhere to be found. Lily had agreed to meet Linda here at 1 pm. If nothing had gone wrong, Lily should still be here. Where was she?

Linda became more worried.

"Excuse me, Miss. Can you help me check whether a student named Lily Jiang came here this afternoon?" Linda asked the librarian.

Lily was a well-known beauty in the school. Almost everybody here could recognize her. The librarian nodded and said, "Yes, she was here at noon, but she only stayed for ten minutes. I thought she went to the restroom at first, but she hasn't come back to the library at all. But she forgot to take her bottle. Look, it's still on that table."

She pointed to a pink bottle with a picture of Hello Kitty on it.

Linda recognized the bottle immediately. Nelson had given it to Lily as a gift.

"Thank you," Linda said to the librarian, her heart beating wildly. If Lily had wanted to leave the library, she would have definitely taken the bottle along with her. After all, it was a gift from Nelson. On top of that, her phone was switched off. Something was definitely wrong.

As Linda walked out of the library, she saw Bun.

"My Lady, is everything okay? Did you meet Lily?" Bun asked.

Linda swallowed uneasily and shook her head. She said, "No, I couldn't find her in the library. But the librarian s

'm worried about her. Please just tell me if you know where she is," Linda continued patiently.

"She's at the Student Affairs Office right now. You can come to visit her tomorrow," the counselor replied.

Why was Lily at the Student Affairs Office?

"Where is the Student Affairs Office? Did something happen? Why is Lily there? Doesn't she have class this afternoon?"

Linda shot out a series of questions. She was partly relieved knowing that Lily was safe, but the fact that Lily was at the Student Affairs Office worried her.

"Why are you being so annoying? Didn't I tell you to come to meet Lily tomorrow? I don't have the time to answer your questions," the lady replied roughly. She glared at Linda for a second, and then picked up her phone.

She had been playing a video game on her phone before Linda had come here. She had already lost twice while talking to Linda, and she was so pissed off that she took it out on Linda.

Bun grabbed a book from the table next to her and threw it at the counselor.

"Answer the questions that you were asked," she snarled.

Startled, the woman dropped her phone on the floor. She fearfully looked up at Bun, who was staring back at her sternly.

Linda was stunned. She'd known that Bun wouldn't have the patience to deal with the teacher politely, but she'd never imagined that Bun would actually throw a book at her. It looked like pregnant women were easily irritable.

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