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   Chapter 719 He Didn't Deserve To Be A Man Now

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When Lily Jiang heard Ronald's words, she laughed at how ridiculous he was being. She also wondered about how Ronald had learned about her relationship with Nelson.

She guessed that he was probably just talking nonsense and chasing her on an impulse.

"I don't know what you've heard, but my boyfriend and I get along very well, so you better leave now!" There were a lot of men who were attracted to Lily Jiang every now and then, and she was used to being chased. What Ronald did didn't surprise her at all, so she refused him calmly, standing still.

But this was the first time Ronald had gotten rejected, so he was furious. "You don't need to deny it. I've already heard about it," he said.

"What have you heard about?"

"I've learned that you and your boyfriend don't get along. Does he bully you often? Trust me. I'll never bully you as long as you're willing to be together with me."

Lily Jiang sighed, wondering why Ronald still couldn't understand the whole situation even though she had clearly explained it to him. She had already told him that she had a boyfriend and that they had a good and happy relationship.

She didn't have the patience to continue this conversation anymore, so she merely waved Ronald off and said, "I'm not going to accept you. I need to go back to the library now. Just go away!"

"I'm not leaving. I like you."

"Well, you can stay here if you want. I'm leaving," Lily Jiang said coolly. She didn't feel like talking to Ronald anymore. Even if she was single, she would never accept a playboy like Ronald as her boyfriend, no matter how much he pursued her. He'd hooked up with so many women and there were countless rumors about him, so Lily Jiang was disgusted with him.

Ronald wasn't a patch on Nelson.

Ronald was angry when he heard Lily's words. How could she be reckless enough to refuse him like that? He glared at her and said, "Lily Jiang, don't be so silly. Don't you know it's an honor to be my girlfriend?"

"Well, I don't need such an honor. You can give this chance to another woman!" Lily Jiang retorted.

By now, Ronald was completely infuriated by Lily Jiang. His face turned livid as he spat on the ground. His men were all standing nearby and watching the scene, so it was embarrassing for him to stand here and get rejected by Lily Jiang like this.

After spitting on the ground again, he threw the roses towards the ground. The rose petals scattered all over the ground.

"Don't you have any manners? You've scattered the petals everywhere! It wi

time, all she heard was a woman's voice say, "Sorry. The number you have called is switched off."

Linda felt that something wasn't right. Lily Jiang had answered the phone earlier, but now, her phone was switched off all of a sudden. Linda became confused and wondered what was going on.

Bun, who was wondering why Linda wasn't talking to Lily even though she'd been about to call her, turned and asked, "My Lady, what's wrong?"

"I called Lily twice. The first time I called, she hung up the phone just when I just got through to her. I called a few moments later and it said that her phone's switched off." Linda's sixth sense, which was always right, told her that something was wrong, so she felt worried and upset.

"Don't think too much, My Lady. Perhaps Lily's phone is just out of power. We can find her easily once we get to the school. We're supposed to meet her at the library, right?"

Bun thought that Lily Jiang couldn't be in any danger at school since there would be so many students and teachers there. And if she really did come across some danger, the school leaders would definitely inform Linda right away.

Linda nodded, but she was still worried. She wanted to get to the school as fast as possible, but she didn't risk urging Bun to drive faster since Bun was pregnant. All Linda could do was to wait inside the car and hope that Lily Jiang was all right. It was just strange that Lily Jiang's phone had powered off all of a sudden.

They finally reached the parking lot of the school. After getting out of the car, Linda strode toward the library. She had an appointment with Lily Jiang at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, but it was already past 1:30 now.

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