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   Chapter 718 Swooped In

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When Ronald saw the large bouquet of roses, his face immediately brightened. He had never bought 99 roses for anyone before, so he had never seen such a large bouquet of flowers either.

Although the bouquets he had given to girls before had been much smaller ones, all the girls had been ecstatic to receive them, so he was confident that Lily Jiang would be thrilled as soon as she saw the roses.

He thought of what Jessie had said before. She had mentioned that there were some problems between Nelson and Lily. He believed that if he seized this opportunity and made a romantic proposal to Lily, she would fall for him.

"Thank you," Ronald said to the owner of the flower shop as he took the bouquet from his hands. The owner was shocked by how polite Ronald was being. Ronald seemed to be in a good mood, because the owner had never heard him say "thank you" before.

"You're welcome, Master Ronald. Thank you for coming to my shop to buy flowers. It's my honor," said the owner politely.

Since the bouquet was a little heavy, Ronald passed it to one of his minions right after he got it. Then, he took out his phone and dialed a number.

"How's it going? Have you tracked down Lily yet?" he asked.

"Yes, she's in the library. And right now, she's heading to the bathroom," said the voice on the other line.

"Bathroom? Hey, hey..." Ronald's face lit up when he heard where Lily was. The library was a great place to confess his love for her. There wouldn't be many people in the library at this time. He knew that Lily might be too shy to accept his love if there were too many people around, so the library was the perfect place for him to propose.

On top of that, the library bathroom was in a secluded corner and it would definitely be quiet there. He knew this because he had already proposed to a girl there before.

That girl liked reading very much and often went to the library, so one day, he had blocked her way to the bathroom and gifted her a bouquet of roses and a Swarovski crystal. The girl had been so touched by his gesture that she'd fallen for him at once. He had seized the chance and led the girl into the bathroom to have sex with her. After asking his minions to guard the door, he had taken the girl's virginity right on the wash basin.

Now, thinking about the same scene with Lily, he felt really excited. He subconsciously ran his tongue around his lips as he fantasized about having sex with Lily in the library bathroom.

He wondered what she tasted like. Since Lily was such a beauty, he thought that she must taste sweet. Whether she

him the bouquet.

Ronald took the roses from them. The bouquet was so heavy that he had to hold it with two hands. He had never thought that chasing after girls would involve doing heavy manual work.

"Lily, I fell in love with you the minute I set my eyes on you. Will you be my girlfriend? I'll protect you and I'll love you forever," said Ronald, mustering the most sincere look he could as he held out the roses to Lily. He stared straight into Lily's eyes as he waited for her reaction.

The "innocent" look on Ronald's face made Lily want to laugh. Even though she wasn't very familiar with him, she had heard all about his tricks.

Everyone on campus knew that he was always chasing after girls and lavishly spending money on them.

He went overboard with every young woman he met.

"Sorry, I have a boyfriend," said Lily with a faint smile.

Nelson had come to the campus to pick Lily up many times, so Lily was sure that Ronald already knew that she was in a relationship with someone else. She wondered why he was still trying to pursue her. What was wrong with him? He seemed to have given up before.

"I heard that there are some problems between you and your boyfriend. You're probably upset about it, but don't worry. You have me now. If you become my girlfriend, I'll treat you so well that you'll forget about the pain he caused you in no time!" Ronald continued affectionately. This was more or less the standard speech that he delivered to every girl he pursued. And every girl who heard it had bought it and fallen for him.

The last time he'd pursued a girl who had been fighting with her boyfriend, he had swooped in at the right time and made her fall for him with flowers and sweet talk.

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