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   Chapter 717 Pursuing Lily

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While Ronald Zhuo was thinking about following Jessie's idea, Rosy came over to him.

Rosy also had classes in the school today, but she usually never came to the student canteen to eat.

Being the eldest daughter of the Nalan Clan, she couldn't possibly sit with the other students and eat there.

She'd only been willing to step into the canteen because Jessie had told her that there would be a good show here.

And Jessie had been right; Rosy had indeed gotten to see a good show. Deep down in her heart, her admiration for Jessie rose. Jessie was excellent at talking other people into doing bad deeds and taking advantage of the weakness of human nature. Luckily for Rosy, Jessie was her best friend and not her enemy. Otherwise, Rosy might have suffered a lot, too.

Jessie had already told Rosy that the young son of the Zhuo Clan had once pursued Lily Jiang but had given up after some vain efforts. Ronald was just a frivolous playboy who enjoyed fooling around with many women, so it didn't really matter to him whether he got Lily or not.

He hadn't pursued Lily seriously since he'd had many other women to choose from. But now, after hearing what Jessie had told him, Ronald changed his mind. He was furious after finding out that the woman he liked had been snatched away by some other man.

"If you love her, then just go after her. If she doesn't accept you, then just force her to have sex with you. As long as you can own her body..." Rosy advised as she approached Ronald, trying to stir his emotions.

Ronald turned to the direction of the voice and saw a woman with a mask covering her mouth approaching him. He stared curiously at the masked woman. It took him a few moments to realize that the woman was the eldest daughter of the Nalan Clan. He could hardly recognize her as she was wearing a mask.

Of course, Rosy wouldn't have had the courage to show up in public if she hadn't been wearing the mask. She had just had dental work done on her broken tooth, so if she smiled or said anything, people would see that there was a gap between her front teeth. Besides, she had just ordered an expensive customized teeth brace which hadn't arrived yet. So, she had no choice but to cover her mouth with a mask for the time being.

"So, you are...the eldest daughter of the Nalan Clan?" Ronald asked. He wondered why he was so popular all of a sudden. Even the eldest daughter of the Nalan Clan had come to give him advice in pursuing Lily.

His father had warned him that no matter how unruly he wa

ther Ronald would hesitate at the last moment, so she'd asked one of Ronald's men to give him the push that he'd need.

Jessie was a really cunning person who was great at plotting. Even Linda thought of her as a stronger rival than Rosy. Jessie was smart and had a lot of ideas. Some of her ideas even caught Linda off guard.

Meanwhile, Ronald was hurrying toward a flower shop. His body was burning with lust as he pictured being with Lily.

Lily was one of the most beautiful girls in school. He wondered why he had given up on pursuing such a pure beauty back then. Luckily, the eldest daughter of the Nalan Clan had come in person to give him some advice.

Ronald was in a great mood when he entered the flower shop.

"Hey, please pack ninety-nine red roses for me. Now!" Ronald said to the owner of the shop.

Then, he turned to two of his men and ordered, "You two, go and see where Lily is now. Follow her. I want to go and confess my love to her. If I succeed, I'll treat you guys to a big meal!"

The two men nodded happily and left.

Ronald was a regular customer of this flower shop. He always came here to buy flowers every two or three days, each time for a different girl.

But usually, he would only buy nine roses or a bouquet of eighteen roses.

The owner of the flower shop wondered why Ronald wanted to buy ninety-nine roses today. A bouquet with ninety-nine flowers would be huge!

Despite his curiosity, the owner didn't want to pry. He immediately asked his assistant to pack the roses for the customer as quickly as possible. Twenty minutes later, when Ronald was starting to lose his patience, a large bouquet of red roses was brought to him.

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