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   Chapter 715 A Bully In The School

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Two days later, at noon, Lord Nalan was wheeled into the operation room and the surgery was about to begin. Anna and Eugene had fully prepared everything for Lord Nalan's brain surgery.

When the red light of the operation room came on, Linda's heart began to race.

Anna, who was quickly walking into the operation room, stopped when she heard Linda call her name.


Linda lost her voice, unable to find the words she wanted to say. She wanted to ask Anna to make sure that the operation would be successful, but she knew that no one could make such a promise.

"My Lady, I understand. Rest assured. I'll try my best. And don't forget that we have Eugene here this time. He will be leading the surgery today, so we should have faith in him," Anna said, looking intently into Linda's eyes. Then, she swiftly walked into the room, closing the door behind her.

"My Lady, like Anna said, you should rest assured and trust Eugene. Moreover, I've always believed that Lord Nalan is blessed by God and will wake up soon," Bun said, trying to comfort Linda.

Linda nodded gloomily. It was pointless to worry too much now. The only thing she should do now was to relax and wait calmly for the result. While Linda was lost in thought, her phone rang, snapping her back to her senses. She took out her phone and saw that the call was from Lily Jiang. 'Has Lily finished everything I asked her to do?' thought Linda.

"Hello, Linda. I've finished the audio file you wanted. When do you want it?" Lily said on the other end of the line.

Upon hearing that the audio file was done, Linda felt a little more relaxed.

Whether her grandfather's surgery was successful or not, Linda had to be well-prepared for all possible outcomes and have a backup plan so that she could have the upper hand over Rosy.

"Okay, thanks. Can I come and see you now to check the audio file?" asked Linda.

"Sure, but I'm actually back in school now. I have a sketching lesson every Monday morning that I usually skip. But my teacher told me that if I keep skipping this lesson, I won't be able to pass it at the end of this semester, so I had no choice but to come back to attend the class," Lily said, frustrated. She'd really wanted to skip the class like she usually did, but she'd been pressured into attending by her teacher.

"Are you done with all your morning classes? I can come to your school now. But there are a few more things I want to add to the audio file and I don't want to be overheard by anyone, so I think you'd better come to the Mu Clan's villa with me," suggested Linda.

"Yes, I'm done with all my morning classes and I don't have any classes in the afternoon. You can come straight to the library. I'll be there," Lily said, walking in the direction of the school canteen.

Linda hung up the phone and got ready to leave the

ful enough that Ronald Zhuo was always exempt from being punished at school.

The school leaders always turned a blind eye to anything Ronald Zhuo did. As long as he didn't cross the line, they wouldn't give him any punishment.

When Ronald had openly declared his feelings for Lily, she hadn't said or done anything to reject him.

Of course, she hated him very much. But Lily was at a disadvantage because of her status in the school and had decided that it would be better for her to keep silent and just avoid crossing paths with him. She never paid any attention to him when he talked to her.

Fortunately for Lily, Ronald Zhuo wasn't persistent when it came to pursuing a girl. So after pursing Lily in vain for a few days, he'd given up and hadn't pestered her anymore.

Lily had thought that it was the end of his pursuit. She'd never expected him to suddenly show up in front of her again.

As usual, she paid no attention to him and continued eating her lunch.

"Hey, pretty girl, I'm talking to you. Can't you hear me?" Ronald Zhuo yelled in fury, standing up abruptly. There was a group of men standing behind him and watching him flirt with Lily. As the leader of the group, he felt embarrassed by Lily's indifferent attitude toward him.

He seldom came to the student canteen to have meals. But today, he'd happened to come here with his men. When he'd noticed Lily sitting here alone, he hadn't been able to resist greeting her. But much to his surprise, Lily was still being cold to him.

The group of men tried their best to hold back their laughter when they saw their leader being ignored by a woman. Even though the scene was hilarious, they didn't dare to let Ronald hear their laughter. Otherwise, he would definitely punish them for it.

Hearing no response from Lily, Ronald Zhuo waved at one of the men behind him and barked, "Billy, go and buy me some lunch."

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