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   Chapter 714 Don't Worry

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"Bun, what's the matter with you? Are you feeling uncomfortable?" Linda asked worriedly. She became even more upset when she noticed that Bun's face had gone pale.

When Linda had just been pregnant, she was also badly injured. She'd stayed in bed the whole time to take rest without knowing what was going on. Now, she couldn't recall much of what she'd gone through, including whether she'd vomited during her pregnancy.

Because of that, she was very worried about Bun. Since she wasn't a doctor, she didn't know whether Bun's retching was just a symptom of her pregnancy or a symptom of exhaustion from following her around all these days.

Bun kept Linda company all the time even though she was pregnant, so Linda really felt sorry for her. There were times when Linda wanted Bun to take rest instead of staying by her side every day, but she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to get used to not having Bun around all the time.

Of course, Bun always insisted on staying with Linda too. Since Bun had to be especially careful during the first three months of pregnancy, Linda had once asked her to stay at home to take rest. However, Bun hadn't been willing to have a rest at home.

"I'm fine, My Lady. Where do you want to go next?"

Although Bun still felt a bit unwell, she immediately waved Linda off.

Linda took a glance at Bun's pale face and could immediately tell that Bun was still uncomfortable, so she decided to take Bun to the hospital.

At the moment, the only thing Linda wanted was to get Bun to have a medical examination at the hospital to check whether she was fine or not. After all, Bun hadn't gone for her prenatal checkup this week.

Linda thought that it was time to let Anna do the prenatal checkup for Bun. While the matter of Lord Nalan regaining his consciousness was important, Bun successfully giving birth to a healthy baby was important too.

Linda was looking forward to being the sworn mother of Bun's baby, so she wanted Bun to safely give birth to her baby.

Since Linda didn't know how to drive a car, she asked Bun to park the car by the roadside first. Then, she let Bun take some rest inside the car while she got out of the car to hail a taxi.

At this moment, Linda really regretted not learning how to drive and getting a driver's license.

If she'd been able to drive, she c

ed and said, "Well, everything's going well. We can perform the operation on time the day after tomorrow. I will talk about the final detailed comparison and analysis with Anna tomorrow."

Linda felt relieved after hearing Eugene, believing that Lord Nalan would wake up from his coma since Eugene was the one who was performing the operation on him. She was pinning her hopes on Eugene.

Twenty minutes later, Anna brought Bun back to the conference room.

"Anna, how's Bun?" Linda asked with concern.

Anna smiled and replied, "Please don't worry. Bun is fine. I asked a professional doctor to perform the prenatal examination for her and found that each physiological index is within the normal range. She might vomit often during her early pregnancy, but she's all right."

"Bun is still following me around all the time. Will that have any bad impact on her? Does she need to have a good rest at home?" Linda asked.

After taking a glance at Bun, Anna said, "It doesn't matter. It will not cause any impact as long as she doesn't do any strenuous exercise. Besides, going out often will be good for her body and her unborn baby."

Linda felt at ease upon hearing Anna. Her biggest worry had been that Bun going out with her all the time would have an adverse effect on Bun's baby.

"My Lady, don't worry. Bun is in a better physical condition than most women, so the probability of her having a miscarriage is very low," Anna explained, wearing a smile on her face.

After hearing Anna's explanation, Linda finally breathed a sigh of relief.

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