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   Chapter 713 Lily Jiang Was Indeed A Genius

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"You shall pay with your life? What do you think?" Linda continued, resting her head on her hands and thinking.

She had just wanted to check with Lily whether composing Lord Nalan's voice was possible. She hadn't had any expectations that it would actually be possible to carry out her plan. But to her surprise, Lily Jiang had just said that there were ways to compose Lord Nalan's voice. If it hadn't been a possibility, Linda would have had to think of another plan.

"I need to check the audio data that Nelson gave me first to see if I can find the words in these sentences. If I find them, I can separate them from the original sentences and then string them into the new sentences you want," Lily explained.

"You're excellent, Lily!" Linda said happily.

"It's what I'm good at, Linda," Lily said, shyly scratching her head.

Linda was curious though. She wondered how Lily knew how to do this. Although Lily was a computer expert, speech synthesis was a completely different field.

"Where did you learn to do this?" Linda asked. Lily had captured a short clip from one of Lord Nalan's interview videos and opened it with an application on her computer. Then, the screen of her computer turned black. Linda couldn't understand what was happening.

"I used to be a huge fan of Leslie Cheung. He passed away a while ago," Lily began. "I joined his fan club when I was a freshman. When he passed away, we decided to try to synthesize his voice to say something to the fans. Have you ever heard of Letter from Heaven? That was made by us."

Letter from Heaven did sound familiar to Linda. When she'd been a junior in university, she'd heard about it from her roommate, who had also been a fan of Leslie.

"At that time, our speech synthesis technique wasn't quite perfect, and all the audio data that we used was collected from the Internet on our own. It took us more than a month to finish the audio letter. Thinking about it now, what we did was crazy, but I'm still very proud of it," Lily went on.

She never regretted all the crazy things she had done in her youth.

Everyone had their wild moments when the

all pay with your life," came the sound from the computer speaker.

Linda was amazed to hear Lord Nalan's voice from Lily's computer.

She hadn't heard Lord Nalan's voice for ages, and she really wanted to hear him talk to her one more time.

"What do you think?" Lily asked with a smirk on her face.

"Brilliant!" Linda said, giving her a thumb up. Lily was indeed a genius!

"I've got all the words we need. I'll combine them into sentences, export them, and polish them up a bit to make them sound more real. When they're finished, they will definitely scare the crap out of Rosy," Lily said, still angry about what had happened with Rosy this morning.

Now that Linda had Lily's help, she could set her mind at rest.

She came up with a few more simple sentences and asked Lily to synthesize them, too. Then, she left the Nalan Clan's residence with Bun.

Lily had said that it would take another two or three days to complete the task. As the saying went, a watched pot never boils. Linda knew that she would just have to wait patiently.

In the car, Bun turned around in the driver's seat and said, "My Lady, where are we…"

She was about to ask where were they heading, but before she could finish her sentence, a wave of nausea overtook her. She had lost her appetite that morning and hadn't eaten much, so she kept retching.

Seeing Bun act like this all of a sudden frightened Linda to death.

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