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   Chapter 712 The Savior, Nelson Li

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Lily Jiang was furious at Rosy's words and her attitude. Before Linda showed up, Rosy had barked at her like a mad dog. However, right after Linda arrived, she had walked away quietly like a terrified kitty.

Lily couldn't help thinking that Rosy was a bloody snob, like a bully picking on the weak.

Nelson knew well that Lily was very angry at Rosy, and it was heartbreaking for him to see Lily being bullied by Rosy like this, but there wasn't much he could do. Furrowing his brows, he held Lily's shoulders and said, "Just ignore her."

"I'm mad at her. I'm so mad! She really pissed me off. How can she be so annoying?" said Lily.

Linda felt a little guilty after seeing Rosy picking on Lily. She knew that Rosy was bullying Lily just because Rosy couldn't do anything to her. So when Rosy had run into Lily, she had wanted to vent her anger at Linda on Lily.

Walking up to Lily, Linda said in a soft voice, "Rosy is an idiot. Don't listen to her. She can't just ask anyone to throw you out. Didn't you see that the security guard hesitated to do so?" She was trying to comfort Lily.

"I know. I'm just very angry. She's so annoying!" said Lily. She was so furious that her face had turned red.

Lily had been to the Nalan Clan's house many times and she had always been nice to everyone here. So deep down, she knew that the security guards were on her side.

But she had never met anyone as annoying as Rosy, and since she couldn't get back at Rosy, she began sulking. Rosy had kind of ruined her day.

"It's my fault that she was picking on you. She knows that you're my friend, so she wants to get back at me by bullying you," said Linda.

Linda felt sorry that Lily had gotten into trouble because of her problems with Rosy.

"It's not your fault. Rosy has had a grudge against me for a long time now. You might have forgotten that a boy she loved very much sent me a love letter while we were in school. She's always held a grudge against me. That's fine. No wonder no man likes her," said Lily, laughing.

She felt much better after thinking about this story. She felt like pointing at Rosy and telling her that no one would never ever love her.

Linda felt relieved after seeing Lily laugh. She would have hated to see this unexpected episode ruining Lily and Nelson's date. Every Friday, Nelson would bring Lily to the Nalan Clan's house. Linda knew that Friday night was special to them since it was their date night.

Normally, Linda would have tried not to bother them, but she wanted to ask Lily a favor, and since Lily lived on campus, today was the only day that Linda could talk to her. It was something r

he last few years, so the DVDs in the warehouse were their last hope.

Twenty minutes later, Nelson walked back with a big bag on his hand.

"My Lady, here are all the DVDs I could find. Is it enough?"

Linda took the bag from Nelson's hand and said with a smile, "Thank you, Nelson."

Then, she turned to Lily and handed the bag to her. Lily was surprised to see so many DVDs in the bag. "There are so many DVDs!"

"Yes, that's all I could find. About ten years ago, the financial press asked Lord Nalan to do interviews many times. If he hadn't turned down most of them, there would be many more videos of him." Nelson had worked for Lord Nalan for many years, but he hadn't been around during the period of time when Lord Nalan had been interviewed. Back then, he had been studying abroad, so he hadn't known much about the interviews until he had seen the files in the warehouse one day.

He had never expected that these old files would be enormously helpful one day.

"Linda, what kind of sentences do you want?" asked Lily. She wasn't sure whether she could meet Linda's request, but she was excited to give it a try. Short and simple sentences would be much easier to manage, so she wanted to have a rough idea of what kind of sentences Linda was looking for before she started composing the sound.

"Something like... I always treated you nicely. Why did you ask someone to push me into the water?" said Linda after a few seconds.

Nodding, Lily wrote it on a piece of paper.

"Any other sentence? I can try to compose it if it isn't complex." Lily was planning to look through all the videos to find the right words so that she could compose the sound of Lord Nalan's voice. The simpler the words were, the easier it would be to pull off.

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