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   Chapter 711 Punish Lily Jiang

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Upon hearing Rosy shout hysterically, Lily Jiang became even more annoyed.

"Why are you yelling like this? Are you crazy?" Lily Jiang exclaimed angrily.

Taking Lily Jiang's hand, Nelson immediately walked inside with her, ignoring Rosy.

Seeing the two security guards standing still without obeying her instruction, Rosy shouted again, "Don't you want to continue working here? Drive her out of here right now!"

The security guards didn't know whether they should ask Lily Jiang to leave or not. The truth was that they were familiar with Lily Jiang as she came to the Nalan Clan's residence every week.

Sometimes, when Lily Jiang came there alone, the security guards wouldn't ask her anything and just let her in after she greeted them and informed them about her arrival. After all, they all knew that Lily Jiang was Nelson's girlfriend.

So, at this moment, the security guards were in a dilemma.

However, since Rosy had given them an instruction twice, they thought that it would be inappropriate to keep standing still and do nothing. They therefore quickly ran toward Rosy, looking a bit embarrassed.

"Lady Rosy, Miss Jiang is Mr. Nelson's girlfriend..."

Before the security guard could finish his words, Rosy slapped him across the face. "How dare you talk back to me? Don't you treat me as the Lady of the Nalan Clan?"

"I'm sorry, Lady Rosy. Of course I regard you as the Lady of the Nalan Clan," the security said, covering his face with his hand and looking a bit morose. He was lying, of course. Now, all the servants treated Linda as the Lady of the Nalan Clan. After all, Linda was older than Rosy. And before Lord Nalan had fallen into a coma, he'd told all the servants that Linda was the Lady of the Nalan Clan. From then on, Rosy had lost her identity as the Lady of the Nalan Clan.

But before Linda got back to the Nalan Clan's residence, the servants had regarded Rosy as the Lady of the Nalan Clan. Rosy was so used to the fact that she was the only princess of the clan.

So now that Rosy found that the servants weren't giving her the respect that the Lady of the Nalan Clan deserved, she was very furious.

In her eyes, Linda was just a nobody who didn't deserve such a title and couldn't compete against her.

"Act now," Rosy barked.

Since Rosy was being so stubborn and rude, the security guards had no choice but to run up to Lily Jiang and say, "We're sorry. Please leave now. You can come here another day."

Lily Jiang was getting more and more indignant, wondering why Rosy was insisting on forcing her to leave even though she hadn't done anything to offend her.

"Lady Rosy, don't go too far," Nelson said with a straight face. He didn't want to warn her one

hould say it more clearly," Rosy said, waving her hand and fidgeting around.

Sometimes, she got annoyed because she was never able to understand the point that Jessie was trying to make.

She wished that Jessie would just tell her everything in a direct way. Seeing Rosy's impatience, Jessie leaned over and whispered something in Rosy's ear.

Upon hearing Jessie's idea, Rosy's eyes lit up. "It's a great idea. Anyway, if something goes wrong, we'll have nothing to do with it. And we can also make Nelson suffer this way."

Rosy was very delighted by the idea. After all, with Lord Nalan's support and trust, Nelson had never shown any respect for Rosy, so Rosy had always hated him.

"Do you have a suitable person in mind to do such a thing?" Rosy asked.

Jessie nodded and said, "I can help you arrange this matter."

Rosy liked that Jessie was always so thoughtful. Jessie would always help Rosy come up with a detailed plan and explain it to Rosy in a clear way. After that, Jessie would arrange everything and carry out the plan successfully. Linda still hadn't been able to obtain any clues about the incident where Lord Nalan had been pushed into the pond, so Rosy believed that Linda wouldn't be able to find any evidence this time either.

Rosy felt lucky that she had such a helpful and competent friend.

She didn't have to bother to come up with any plot or personally take any action. On top of that, she knew that Jessie was loyal to her and was willing to do a lot of things for her.

Rosy also believed that Jessie would never play a trick on her or set her up on purpose. Jessie just tried her best to help Rosy all the time.

Rosy looked at the scenery outside the window, her mouth twisting into a grim smile. "Linda, even if I can't get back at you, I can punish Lily Jiang."

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