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   Chapter 710 Get Out Of Here

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8303

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To ensure that it didn't come to that, Linda had to take precautions to prevent such unpleasant things from happening, in addition to the operation for Lord Nalan.

She thought that the first thing she should do was to deal with Rosy.

With that in mind, Linda called Charles.

At that moment, Charles was discussing several important projects that the Mu's Group had undertaken with a few senior leaders in the conference room.

It was a rather important meeting, but the moment he saw that Linda was calling him, he suspended the meeting without hesitation and answered the phone.

"Dear, what's up?"

Upon hearing him utter the word "dear," the other leaders present began to murmur among themselves. They were surprised to find that Charles still loved and cared about Linda so much even though they'd been married for a long time and had children of their own.

Several of the female leaders who were present at the meeting were envious of Linda. They hadn't expected Charles to love and dote on Linda this much.

When Charles and Linda had gotten engaged, many people had believed that Charles had just wanted to be together with her on a whim. After all, Charles had never had a relationship with any other woman before and Linda was the first woman whom he'd been keen on, so everyone had thought that he'd just taken a momentary interest in her and that their relationship wouldn't last long.

However, it had turned out that Charles and Linda got along very well with each other and there hadn't been any news of their divorce up to now, much to the disappointment of some people. After all, many other women had chased Charles but they'd never gotten a chance with him.

"I have to plan a few things. Can you send some people to the Mu Clan's private hospital to protect grandfather? I have a feeling that someone might try to harm him again," Linda said seriously over the phone.

"No problem. I will send all of the members of the Mu Security Team there." As he talked to Linda, Charles walked out of the conference room. Paul took over and handed out the related materials for the moment.

"Okay. By the way, I need you to help me do one more thing. Spread the news that grandfather's operation is successful and that he will wake up within three months."

Charles felt a bit confused and said, "Is Eugene sure that grandfather will come around within three months?"

Linda shook her head and sighed. She replied morosely, "No. Eugene hasn't made

alan who had adopted him, so Nelson didn't actually have any family members like Rosy had mentioned.

Rosy had said those offensive words just to remind Nelson of his unpleasant experience and sadness.

"How dare you say that? You're just an orphan that my grandfather took in years ago. How can you be so annoyed at me for just telling you to keep away unwanted guests? Do you think that my grandfather can still support you now? If you're unwilling to play by my rules, you can leave right now."

Rosy had never been able to defeat Linda. She'd even been punished by Linda sometimes, but she hadn't gotten a chance to get back at Linda yet.

So when she saw Nelson and Lily Jiang walk into the Nalan Clan's residence hand in hand, she was very furious and decided to take her anger on Linda out on them.

"What do you mean?" Lily Jiang asked, unable to tolerate Rosy and her rude words anymore even though Nelson kept putting up with it, not in the mood to quarrel with Rosy.

"Don't you understand what I just said? I'm asking you to get out of here. You don't deserve to enter the Nalan Clan's residence. Got it?"

Since Rosy's mouth was still swollen, her expression was a bit comical even though she spoke in rage.

"I think you'd better go and ask a dentist to treat your broken tooth first. Your words are so unclear that I can't understand you."

Lily Jiang rolled her eyes at Rosy. Then, she took Nelson's hand and walked inside the house, ignoring Rosy.

At that moment, Rosy was in a towering rage.

"Why are you still watching? Drive her out of here right now," Rosy angrily roared at the two security guards at the gate.

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