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   Chapter 709 Needed A Backup Plan

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7673

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Eugene had explained all the potential outcomes of the operation clearly to Linda, but somehow, the decision had become even more difficult for her to make.

The chance of the operation succeeding was only 40 percent.

Craniotomy operation was such a difficult and high-risk operation and Anna couldn't perform it. Otherwise, she would have performed the operation for Lord Nalan herself a long time ago.

"My Lady, the operation has a 40 percent chance of success only because Eugene's the one who will perform the operation. If it is me, there would only be a 20 percent chance of success," said Anna with a serious look in her eyes.

"How about you two work together?" Linda asked, staring at Anna and Eugene.

Eugene thought about it for a while and asked, "Do you mean that I should perform the operation with Anna's help?"

Linda nodded in reply.

Eugene nodded thoughtfully. "Yes, that way, maybe we can raise the chance of success of the operation to 50 percent," he said. Anna's surgical experience was better than most doctors and nurses.

And the success of an operation was dependent on both the main performing doctor and the other cooperating doctors and nurses. Good assistance could be influential in an operation.

Linda took a deep breath.

A success rate of 50 percent wasn't high. It meant that there was a 50 percent chance that Lord Nalan would die during the operation.

Linda bit her lip and carefully considered her options. Should she choose the conservative treatment or the operation which had an equal chance of success and failure?

If Lord Nalan couldn't wake up from his coma in three months, she wouldn't be able to keep her promise to the public and to strike back at the other members of the Nalan Clan. Most importantly, what Lord Nalan had suffered was unfair. Linda wanted to help him regain his consciousness and punish the people who had harmed him.

Whoever had done this to Lord Nalan was not worthy of being the descendant of the Nalan Clan.

At last, Linda made up her mind. If Lord Nalan kept being given the conservative treatment, it would delay his death for about ten years, during which he would be in bed in a vegetative state. He wouldn't want that.

If any accident should happen during the operation and Lord Nalan d

more likely he was to wake up. So Linda decided that once she had time, she would come and see Lord Nalan and tell him things about Little Potato and Little Tomato.

This time, she believed that Lord Nalan could hear her. Her dearest grandfather who adored her the most had been in a coma for four months.

Linda felt like her heart was being cut by a sharp knife but there was nothing she could do. She didn't have enough evidence to prove who had hurt Lord Nalan yet.

Whoever it was, she would make them pay for what they had done.

With a look of determination on her face, she said, "Bun, get ready. We are going back to the Nalan Clan's residence."

Bun widened her eyes in surprise and said, "My Lady, aren't we going to return after His Lordship's operation?"

"Let's go to the Nalan Clan's residence first. Whatever the result of the operation may be, we need to go back and figure out a backup plan in case the media gives us trouble in the near future," Linda replied.

She didn't care what the public thought of her or what they did to her, but she didn't want the Mu's Group to get in trouble.

If Lord Nalan's operation went wrong, Charles would definitely stand up for Linda when confronting the media. Then, it wouldn't only be her, but also Charles and the Mu's Group who would be attacked by the public.

She didn't want to cause any damage to the Mu's Group. If the stocks of the Mu's Group fell because Charles tried to protect her, how would she face her mother-in-law and her father-in-law?

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