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   Chapter 708 The Craniotomy Operation

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8159

Updated: 2019-04-10 00:15

Upon hearing Charles, Linda immediately withdrew her hand, feeling a bit embarrassed that she'd accidentally put her hand on Charles's crotch.

Charles smiled at her and said, "Honey, I missed you so much."

Linda leaned her head against Charles's chest, put her arms around him, and said, "I missed you a lot too, dear."

"What did you do last night?" Charles asked curiously.

He felt very confused yesterday. At first, he'd assumed that Linda would go back to the Nalan Clan's residence after attending the wrap party of the movie. He was surprised when he'd found out that she'd gone to the PD Airport instead along with Adrian and Bun.

"Adrian's boyfriend is a famous neurologist in Sweden. He just came back to SH City last night, so I wanted him to check whether my grandfather can wake up from his coma within three months."

Linda began to sound upset when she talked about her grandfather.

Charles gently touched Linda's cheek and said, "Adrian's boyfriend?"

"Yes. His name is Eugene. He looks very handsome," Linda said casually with a smile on her face.

Charles raised his eyebrows slightly, seeming a bit displeased. "Do you mean that you went to pick up another man last night?"

Linda was amused after hearing him, wondering why Charles would even be jealous because of that. She continued to smile and said, "I told you that he's Adrian's boyfriend. I don't have any interest in him at all."

Charles was straight, so when he heard the words "Adrian's boyfriend," they didn't really mean anything to him. He didn't know Adrian well, but since Eugene was also a man and Linda was saying that he was handsome, Charles felt a bit jealous.

Noticing the look of annoyance on Charles's face, Linda began to realize that she shouldn't have complimented another man's appearance in front of Charles, regardless of what that man's sexual orientation was. She decided that from now on, she'd only appreciate Charles's handsome face.

After getting up from bed, she made an appointment with Anna for noon today. Last night, she been so sleepy that she'd come back to the Mu Clan's villa first, leaving Anna and Eugene at the hospital to check Lord Nalan's condition.

Now that she'd gotten some rest, she intended to learn about Lord Nalan's condition in detail and check whether Eugene could figure out a way to cure Lord Nalan.

Linda started to worry again, afraid that Eugene would tell her that he wou

y delighted after hearing this news.

"My Lady, it is great that you've brought Eugene here to do the operation on Lord Nalan's skull. I'm not confident about performing such an operation because it is too risky. Besides, it will take five hours to perform it. Just a small mistake could mean that Lord Nalan might not be able to wake up from his coma forever. But now that Eugene is responsible for the operation, I believe that it will be successful," Anna explained. A smile spread across her face.

But Linda was surprised to hear Anna's words. 'What? If the operation fails, my grandfather will die?' she thought to herself, shocked and confused.

"Wait. What do you mean? If the craniotomy operation fails, my grandfather will die?" she asked.

"Yes. As a doctor, I have to explicitly inform you that the probability of success is only 40%. If the operation fails, Lord Nalan's brain will stop functioning. After the brain death, he will be in a vegetative state forever and will never wake up again,"

Eugene said seriously.

"That's too risky. If Lord Nalan dies, Lady Linda will not be able to prove that she is innocent. The media reporters will definitely make a lot of offensive and vicious remarks about her," Bun said, beginning to worry.

"Right. This operation indeed involves a great risk. So, Linda, you should consider it carefully. If you agree, I will go ahead and do the operation; if you don't, I can give him a conservative treatment instead. That way, he will be likely to wake up within half a year or one year. Of course, there is also a chance that he might not come around forever."

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