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   Chapter 707 Young Master Was Worried About Lady Linda

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Except for Eugene and Adrian, no one knew about Eugene's true identity and background. All they knew was that Eugene was an excellent neurologist.

After Cole had a physical examination, Anna took Eugene to see Lord Nalan. Lord Nalan was put on a ventilator and lying motionless on the bed. He was still unconscious.

Seeing Lord Nalan still in a coma made Linda so sad that she almost cried.

Every time she saw Lord Nalan, she felt sorry for being useless and unable to figure out a way to help him.

At that moment, she really wished that Lord Nalan would stand up and blame her for his condition.

However, Lord Nalan just lay on the bed without moving at all.

Then, Anna brought all of the reports about Lord Nalan for Eugene to check.

Eugene took the medical record and reports and began to read them carefully.

Linda sat at the side without taking a look at the reports as she wasn't a doctor and wouldn't be able to understand them. She covered her mouth as she yawned. It was almost 3 o'clock in the morning now, so she felt sleepy.

"My Lady, you can go back home first and get some sleep. I'll stay here with Eugene," Anna said when she saw Linda yawn.

Linda shook her head, but when she was about to said that she'd rather stay with them, she thought of Bun. She turned to take a glance at Bun and found Bun smiling at her.

But Bun's eyes had gotten slightly bloodshot.

It was obvious that Bun was feeling very tired and sleepy.

Linda suddenly realized how selfish she was being. She'd brought all these people to the hospital even though it was very late at night. She was especially sorry toward Bun, who was pregnant and shouldn't be staying up this late. After thinking of Bun, Linda nodded to Anna instead of refusing to go home.

"Thank you, Anna. Don't stay here too late. If you can't finish everything in a short time, you can do it tomorrow. I'll go back home with Bun first."

Anna nodded and then saw Linda and Bun out.

On the way back home, Linda explained to Bun why she'd asked Bun to stop when Bun had been about to throw Cole over her shoulder while competing against him earlier.

Bun understood Linda's reason very well. She knew that her unborn baby was very important and that she shouldn't be doing such dangerous things. It was meaningless to put her pregnancy at risk just to vent her annoyance or to prove a point. Besides, Cole had just said those words casually and jokingly without any intention to irritate her. He hadn't been looking down on wom

y late now. You should go to sleep. Since you're pregnant, you should take more care of yourself," Paul said when they reached the door.

Bun nodded with a smile and said, "Okay. Thank you, Paul."

"Don't mention it. As a good friend, I should care for you," Paul said sincerely. Then, he patted Bun on the shoulder and left.

Bun stared after Paul with a slight smile.

She'd once thought that Paul would never be able to get over her and that he'd be sad and disappointed all the time.

She'd never expected that Cindy, who was a bit willful and wayward, would one day win Paul's heart.

Although Paul couldn't be together with Cindy at the moment, Bun believed that they could be in a relationship in the future.

Any pair of lovers could only live a happy life together if they were right for each other and met each other at the right time.

Bun and Paul hadn't met each other at the right time, so they hadn't been the right match for each other.

And perhaps it hadn't been the right time for Cindy to chase Paul, either, at a time when Paul still hadn't acquired a greater understanding of love.

But in the future, they might still have a chance to be together.

Bun sincerely hoped that Paul could get his own happiness.


Linda had been so tired last night that even after seeing Charles, she'd fallen into a deep sleep. It was past 10 o'clock in the morning when she finally woke up.

The sunlight was flooding into the bedroom and shining on her face.

She stretched out her hand and fumbled around like she usually did, but was surprised to find Charles still lying down beside her. "You're awake? Don't keep touching me like that..."

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