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   Chapter 706 Asked About Lord Nalan's Condition.

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On their way back, Eugene asked about Lord Nalan's condition.

"Linda, when did your grandfather become a vegetable? How did he get injured? Where was the injury?" asked Eugene.

Linda replied as accurately as she could. "About four or five months ago, my grandfather was pushed into a pond and he hit his head on a rock. I don't want to bore you with the details, but he immediately went into a coma after that. The doctors think that it's his cranial nerve that got damaged. We got a few international neurologists to check his condition, but they all told us that he won't be able to regain his consciousness anytime soon.

A while ago, he did show signs of waking up, but unfortunately, someone injected air into his body and he became so weak that he went into a deep coma again."

Linda felt very upset as she told Eugene about her grandfather's condition.

She always thought about the day when her grandfather had been pushed into the pond. If she'd been more careful, she might have noticed that something was wrong and been able to stop it.

"What do you mean by him showing signs of waking up? Did he respond to you when you talked to him? Did you see his fingers or toes moving?" asked Eugene.

"I wasn't there that day, but I was told that when the doctors talked to him, he blinked and moved his lips but he still couldn't speak."

Linda always wished that she'd arrived earlier at the hospital on that fateful day so that she could've stopped the intruder from hurting her grandfather. She had rushed to the hospital after Anna had told her the news that her grandfather was showing signs of recovering.

But she had never imagined that there would be a murder attempt on her grandfather while she was on her way to the hospital.

Eugene nodded but didn't have much to say. He knew the basic situation now, but he'd still have to carry out a full examination before he'd be able to draw a conclusion.

"Eugene, I know I'm asking a lot, but can you help my grandfather regain his consciousness in three months?" asked Linda tentatively.

Eugene was stunned by her question. "I'm not sure. If your grandfather is having nerve damage, it's hard to say whether he can recover in three months. I can't guarantee that. Why do you have such a request? Is there something wrong?"

Before Linda could answer his question, Adrian said with a sense of outrage, "Someone spread a rumor online that she was the one who tried to kill her grandfather. She was driven to a corner while facing the media, so she promised them that her grandfather would regain his consciousness in three months. But if he doesn't, the media will never let go of t

Which school did you graduate from?" He saw Anna wearing a white coat.

"I graduated from Loma Linda Medical School in California."

"Loma Linda Medical School is a wonderful school. It's one of the top medical schools in the world. We can exchange our thoughts on some cases when we're free."

Anna was excited to reply, but before she could say anything else, she was interrupted by a cough from Cole.

"Oh right, this is my assistant, Cole. He might be having some soft tissue contusion in his chest. I'm not quite sure whether he has broken his ribs or not. We have to take an X-ray of his chest," said Eugene.

When it came to diagnosing illnesses, doctors could never be too careful. It was irresponsible to treat patients purely based on simple observations.

After they went into the hospital, Anna asked the doctor on duty to examine Cole and take an X-ray of his chest, so that she could have some time to organize Lord Nalan's medical records for Eugene.

Luckily, the pain in Cole's chest turned out to be nothing serious. It was just soft tissue contusion like Eugene had said. The doctor on duty told Cole that he would be fine in a few days after taking some medicine to dissipate blood stasis.

Cole felt a little embarrassed and upset that he had been hit by a girl on the first day they'd returned home.

Not only was he Eugene's assistant, but he was also his bodyguard. He was the one who was supposed to assure Eugene's safety, and he had never thought that he could be beaten by a girl.

In fact, Cole was a professional bodyguard whom Eugene had been able to hire because he was also the young master of a big and powerful clan. But since most of his family businesses were in Europe, very few people knew about his background here.

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