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   Chapter 705 Bun Was So Violent

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Hearing Linda's question, Cole shook his head and said, "I'm fine, Ms. Xia. Please don't worry about me. My chest just hurt a little."

But contrary to Cole's response, his face turned red.

Linda noticed it and guessed that he was in a lot of pain at the moment.

As Cole spoke, he began to cough violently.

"What's wrong?" Eugene and Adrian, who were walking right at the front, stopped and turned to look at Cole with concern.

"Remember how Bun punched him in the chest earlier? I think he's in pain because she punched him too hard," Linda said, worry creeping into her voice.

Linda knew that Bun had great strength. She'd once even carried Derek with one hand for a while.

Bun felt a bit guilty as soon as she heard Linda's words. She'd punched Cole with all her strength earlier because she'd thought that Cole was looking down on her. In fact, her wrist was still stinging a little.

Any human being would definitely be in terrible pain after getting hit that hard. Cole must have pretended to be fine until now.

"Cole, you should tell us if you feel uncomfortable. I did hit you very hard just now. When I was in the military, I once hit a soldier so hard that it took him half a month of bed rest to recover," Bun said worriedly.

Cole's face contorted in pain and his coughing worsened. He was a little startled after hearing Bun's words. He decided to be honest about his physical condition instead of pretending to be okay.

"I feel severe pain in my chest," he said in between his coughs.

Eugene walked up to him and squatted down. Then, he put one hand on Cole's shoulder to support him and touched Cole's chest with the other hand. "Do you feel pain here?" he asked.

"Yes." Cole felt his chest hurt every time he took a breath.

"Did the pain get worse when you coughed just now?" Eugene asked in a kind and gentle voice.

Cole nodded with a frown and said, "Yes, Doctor Zhuo, I felt much more pain while I was coughing."

Eugene nodded and said calmly, "The local soft tissue might be injured. You can go to the pharmacy and buy some capsules for promoting blood circulation and relieving pain. You will recover after you take the capsules for several days. But just in case, you should go to the hospital to take an X-ray."

After hearing Eugene, Adrian began to worry about himself. After all, Bun hit him all the time.

But Bun had always hit Adrian in a playful way. Adrian hadn't expected that Bun would punch Cole so hard that his soft ti

ortant things to think about right now.

"Okay, I'm not going to argue with you. I'm bringing a neurologist from Sweden to the hospital right now to see my grandfather.

Perhaps he can help my grandfather wake up within three months." "From Sweden? Who is it?" Anna asked curiously.

"His name is Eugene."

"Eugene? I've never heard of him. If he's really a good neurologist, I would've heard of his name for sure."

It was very quiet inside the car, so Adrian, who was sitting next to Linda, could clearly hear what Anna was saying over the phone.

"Anna, there is a famous neurologist in Sweden called Zero.

Have you heard of him? Zero is Eugene's other name." "What? Zero?!" Anna was so excited that she accidentally dropped her phone.

"What's the matter?" Linda was startled to hear a loud bang over the phone.

Anna quickly picked up her phone and said, "I know Zero! He's very famous. He's the attending surgeon of neurology from the teaching hospital affiliated with Caroline University, right?"

Linda turned to look at Adrian with questioning eyes.

Adrian nodded, looking very proud of Eugene. Then Linda said to Anna over the phone, "Yes."

"Oh, my God! I've tried to contact him so many times before. He has succeeded in helping over ten patients who were in a vegetative state regain their consciousness. But no matter how many e-mails I sent to him, I never got a response," Anna gushed excitedly.

Linda filled her in on a few more details before hanging up. She decided to ask Eugene to talk to Anna after they arrived at the hospital.

After all, Anna was the one who knew the most about Lord Nalan's current condition.

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