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   Chapter 704 Consequence Of Looking Down Upon Women

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8234

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The middle-aged man with the thick beard moved the luggage to one side and sat down.

Adrian walked back to Linda and said, "Linda, I've already mentioned you to Eugene."

Linda nodded with an uncertain smile. Then, after some hesitation, she slowly walked up to the middle-aged man and greeted, "Hello.

Nice to meet you, Eugene. I'm Linda Xia."

The man in front of her was quite different from what she had expected Eugene to look like. She'd imagined Eugene as a young man who was as handsome as Adrian was. But much to her surprise, Eugene had turned out to be a middle-aged man with a beard on his face!

Seeing Linda greeting the middle-aged man, Adrian said with a confused look on his face, "Linda, who are you talking to? Eugene hasn't come out yet."

"What? Then who is he?" Linda asked, pointing to the middle-aged man.

"He's Eugene's assistant. He's just helping my boyfriend carry his luggage out. Eugene has gone to the men's room. He will be here soon," Adrian explained and sighed helplessly.

He thought it was ridiculous that Linda had mistaken Eugene's assistant as his boyfriend. 'Is this how Eugene looks in Linda's imagination? Does she think I have bad taste in men?'

Adrian grumbled to himself in his mind.

Linda heaved a sigh of relief after hearing Adrian's explanation. She and Bun had been right after all. Adrian did have good taste in choosing a boyfriend. This middle-aged man with a thick beard was just Eugene's assistant. He couldn't have been Adrian's boyfriend.

The man scratched his head in embarrassment and greeted Linda, "Nice to meet you. I'm Cole, Eugene's assistant. My nickname is Cock. You can call me either way."

"Hello, Cole," Linda greeted Cole with a polite smile.

Adrian sat next to Linda, rested one of his arms on her shoulder in a brotherly way, and then said to Bun as he pointed at Cole, "Bun, Cole is a skilled fighter. If you want, you can engage in combat with him to see who's better."

Even before hearing Adrian's words, Linda had had a feeling that Cole was a strong fighter. He was muscular from head to toe.

"Oh, no. I don't bully women," Cole refused with an arrogant smile, showing his white teeth.

Next to them, Bun snorted in anger. Unconvinced, she provoked him by saying, "Is that so? Don't be so sure. You never know who will be the one being bullied."

Cole scanned Bun up and down. Seeing her slim arms and legs, he smirked and said, "Young girl, I'm

t many young girls would easily fall in love with.

Seeing Eugene walking toward them, Adrian leaped up from his seat and welcomed him with a big smile. He said excitedly, "Eugene, let me introduce you to my friends. This is Linda Xia, the Lady of the Mu Clan, and that is Bun."

"Nice to meet you, Eugene," Linda greeted. Eugene smiled politely at Linda.

He had a bright and attractive smile that could please anyone.

"Nice to meet you, Linda," he replied.

"Let's all go to the car. Linda's grandfather is still in the hospital and she's very worried about his condition. Eugene, I know you had a long flight, but come with us to check her grandfather's condition first, okay?" Adrian said, taking Eugene's hand in his.

Eugene was startled by Adrian's romantic gesture since they were in front of other people. He looked between Adrian and Linda curiously.

Seeing his puzzled look, Adrian said in an assuring voice, "It's okay. Linda knows about our relationship. You can trust her." Eugene felt much more relieved after hearing his words.

Then, they all went toward the parking lot. Eugene and Adrian led the way, happily chatting about each other's lives. Linda and Bun followed behind them.

Cole was at the tail of the group, slowly dragging the two large suitcases with him.

Linda offhandedly turned around to cast a glance at Cole. Much to her surprise, she noticed that Cole was holding his chest with one hand and that his face was pale. A tinge of pain was evident on his face, and his pace was getting slower and slower.

Linda immediately stopped walking and asked with concern, "Cole, are you okay?"

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