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   Chapter 703 Adrian's Taste

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Linda had drunk a few glasses of wine earlier at the party, so she was a little dizzy when she arrived at the airport. But she felt much better after drinking some of the green tea that Adrian had bought for her.

Adrian was such a sweet guy.

Linda knew that she shouldn't have drunk too much at the party, but she had thought that she could handle two glasses of wine. It turned out that she couldn't handle any kind of alcohol well.

In fact, Linda wasn't very fond of drinking, but the red wine at the party had smelled so nice that she had decided to give it a try. But now, she made her mind to never drink wine in the future unless she had Bun or someone else she trusted with her.

She had tried beer, white wine, and yellow wine before, but she hadn't liked how any of those drinks tasted.

"Thank you, Adrian," said Linda, taking a sip of the green tea.

As they chatted while waiting, the clock ticked away.

Since it was so late at night, Adrian thought that there wouldn't be many people at the airport. He was even keeping his head down just in case, but it didn't help. A big star like Adrian couldn't go to public places without being recognized.

Just a few moments later, a crowd of girls surrounded around him, asking for his autograph.

"Adrian, may I have your autograph? I've loved you for many years! You're one of my favorite artists! Could you sign this for me?" Every girl around him kept asking for an autograph.

"I can't believe that I ran into you tonight! Can I have a picture with you, please? Are you here to pick someone up? Who are you here to pick up?" Some of them even asked for a group photo.

Adrian knew well that he couldn't tell anyone that he was here to pick Eugene up. If he did, someone might try to investigate Eugene's background. Adrian needed to protect Eugene from the public eye as much as possible. So he turned to Linda and said with a smile, "I'm here with my sister. She's the one picking someone up."

His fans looked in Linda's direction. Linda was sitting on one of the chairs and drinking green tea with an embarrassed look on her face.

"Hello!" the girls shouted, waving enthusiastically at Linda. Since the girls had all their attention focused on Adrian, none of them recognized Linda. They just assumed that Linda was Adrian's sister.

Linda was shocked by the girls' enthusiasm. She'd almost spat out her green tea when they'd happily said hello to her even though they didn't even know her.

After Adrian got rid of the girls politely, he took Linda and Bun to th

a devilish charm.

Women had always found him immensely attractive. Before he'd started dating Bun, many women in SH City had been dying to marry him.

Even though he had dated some of them, he hadn't settled down until he'd met Bun.

None of the women had ever expected that Brian would fall in love with Bun. Even now, they thought that Bun, who wasn't from a rich or powerful family, didn't deserve a man like Brian.

But Linda had always thought that family background wasn't important. Bun was worthy of Brian.

Bun was only twenty-three years old, but she was already a colonel. Most women in the army were in civil service departments, and very few women could make their way to the rank of colonel.

Bun was an outstanding female soldier. In fact, Linda thought that she might be the only female colonel.

She had seen several scars on Bun's body. Judging from the scars, she knew that Bun had been injured many times before.

Linda always considered Bun as the kind of woman who would fight for the country.

Ten minutes later, the door of the VIP room opened. A man walked into the room with Adrian.

Linda was stunned by the man's appearance. He was tall, broad, and muscular. He was bearded and his hair was in a terrible mess.

Carrying two big suitcases, he walked into the room and greeted Linda with a grin. Adrian followed him into the room.

"You can place the suitcases here. We can take them to the car later," said Adrian.

Both Linda and Bun swallowed and exchanged a glance. They found it hard to believe that the bearded man standing in front of them was Eugene. He couldn't be Eugene, could he?

They suddenly didn't quite understand Adrian's taste.

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