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   Chapter 702 To Meet Eugene

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Linda was puzzled when she saw Adrian joking around with those women. How could a gay man get along so well with women and always be able to make them laugh?

Seeing Linda, Adrian said goodbye to the women he was talking to and ran up to her.

"What are you so worried about, Linda? It's only half past ten and you're already in a hurry!" Adrian said.

"I'm afraid of getting stuck in a traffic jam on the way," Linda replied reluctantly.

Adrian hit Linda's forehead with his knuckles and said, "Are you kidding me? Check the time, My Lady. It's ten thirty in the evening! We won't be caught in a traffic jam."

Linda nodded. She was indeed worrying too much, but she couldn't stay calm when it came to Lord Nalan.

"Okay, I got it," said Linda.

"Good. Now, before we leave, I think you should go get changed first. You won't feel comfortable going to the airport in such a formal dress," Adrian said, sliding one of his arms around Linda's shoulders.

Linda took a glance at Adrian's hand, which was resting on her shoulder. Bun immediately knocked his hand off Linda's shoulder and said, "Get your hand off Lady Linda."

Adrian cried in pain.

"Ow! Why did you do that? I don't have any inappropriate feelings for your Lady Linda! I was just being friendly. You're overreacting! Can't you be a bit more gentle with me? What if my hand breaks?!" he asked angrily.

Linda tried to hold back a smile but she couldn't. Adrian and Bun kept fighting like a cat and a mouse.

"My Lady, I think you should take his advice and go get changed. You'll feel uncomfortable wearing this dress any longer," said Bun. She had already fetched a set of clothes from the car for Linda to change into.

She had been thoughtful enough to bring Linda's down coat, too.

After all, although it was warm inside the hotel with the heating turned on, the temperature outside was below the freezing point.

Linda took the clothes from Bun and went to the bathroom to change. After she was done, she said goodbye to the directors before leaving with Adrian and Bun.

Bun was driving them to the PD International Airport.

Linda and Adrian were sitting in the backseat and chatting casually.

was an interesting plan.

Adrian's uncle seemed to be a good man. He and Anna might be well matched. Linda knew that although Anna wouldn't mind seducing Becker if it would help ruin his engagement with Rosy, she wouldn't stay with Becker after that.

After all, she wasn't looking for a relationship. Maybe it was because she had gotten hurt by a few bastards in the past.

But there were still many good men out there, like Charles and Nelson, and even Brian, who had eventually gotten back on the right track.

It was important to meet the right person at the right time. Brian used to be a playboy, but he'd changed thoroughly after meeting Bun. Now, he loved Bun with all his heart and soul.

Bun had never thought that Brian would fall in love with her, and she'd definitely never imagined that they would end up getting married one day.

Linda still had to think through the seducing plan. Luckily, there was no hurry since Becker wouldn't be back till the next week.

The only priority now was to meet Eugene.

Nothing was more important than bringing Lord Nalan back from his coma.

They arrived at the airport 40 minutes later.

"See? We've arrived early. Eugene's flight arrives at midnight, but it's only half past eleven now. We have to sit here and wait," Adrian said. Then, he went to the vending machine and brought back drinks for both Linda and Bun.

The drinks were warm and perfect for this weather. Adrian was considerate.

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