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   Chapter 701 Alina's Sadness

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"Sister, I really feel so upset. It's not like I stole the female lead role away from Sophia on purpose, so why are her fans scolding me and blaming me like this? Do you think that Sophia asked her fans to abuse me?" Alina asked as she wiped away her tears.

Linda was certain that Sophia had nothing to do with it.

"Come on, you know that many young fans these days are irrational. They tend to express some extreme views. I don't think it has anything to do with Sophia. Don't think too much about it. Besides, this movie hasn't been released yet. The public's biased toward Sophia because they know her better. It doesn't mean that you're not good enough. Understand?"

Linda was trying to patiently comfort Alina. Although Linda didn't work in this industry, she knew that the road to stardom wasn't a smooth one. Alina had to be strong and walk toward her goal step by step.

Every artist, no matter how famous they were, had to work under great pressure.

Of course, Linda knew that Alina had much more pressure on her than other artists because this was the first time she had acted in a lead role, and that too in a movie. Moreover, that role had initially belonged to Sophia. Linda had observed Alina on the film set and had noticed the nervousness and worry on her face.

Then again, Sophia had slapped Alina several times, so it made sense that Alina intuitively suspected that it was Sophia who had asked her fans to attack her on social media.

"I understand, but I'm still so upset. I don't know what to do. Did you notice what happened at the press conference? Nobody paid any attention to me even though I'm the heroine of the movie."

"Listen, Alina, I'm honestly very satisfied with your performance in this movie. So please rest assured. People will be convinced by your performance once they see the movie," Linda said with a reassuring smile.

As the saying went, "Rome was not built in a day." The only thing that Alina could do now was to be patient and improve her acting skills day by day, so that she could completely win over the public someday.

Anyway, the movie, Vengeful Girl with Her CEO, hadn't been released in the cinemas yet. When it was released, it would probably garner good reviews from the audience.

Linda held Alina by her shoulders and turned her around to face her. She looked into Alina's eyes intently and said, "Alina, if you're easily defeated by those negative comments, it would be unfair to your fans, the people who really love and support you."

Linda's words struck a chord in Alina's heart. Her body trembled a little.

She quickly wiped off her tears, curled her lips into a smile and said, "Sister, you're right. I'm just being too emotional."

Yes, Linda was right. It suddenly dawned on Alina that she still had a lot of fans who had supported her all the time. And it was true that the public hadn'

inda's attention after coming back from the washroom was the warm scene of Sophia and Alina chatting with each other and laughing happily. Linda immediately took out her phone and captured this friendly scene with the camera.

Bun, who had been looking for Linda all this time, finally spotted her and walked over. She said, "My Lady, why did it take you so long to go to the washroom? I was worried that you were in danger again. I was just about to rush there to look for you!"

"I'm okay. I met Alina at the staircase and talked to her for a few minutes," Linda replied.

Then, she handed her phone to Bun and added, "Bun, please send this photo to the team of directors and ask them to post it on the official Weibo page of our company. Tell them to write a report on it."

This photo would be enough to put an end to all the rumors about the bad blood between Sophia and Alina.

Linda felt happy and relieved to see them sitting, chatting and toasting to each other like they were old friends. It was Linda's belief that the world would be a much better place without hatred and grudges.

Maybe it was because Alina and Sophia were both actresses that they had some sort of competition in this industry.

But the entertainment industry was such a large market that one couldn't possess it alone. As long as they could compete with each other in a friendly and healthy way, it was possible that they would both succeed and even help each other progress.

Linda checked the time and found that it was half past ten.

It was the right time to leave here with Adrian.

She looked around for him and found him chatting cheerfully with a few female staff members in a corner of the hall. The female staff members seemed to be amused by his words, because they all broke into wild laughter.

Speechless, Linda rolled her eyes. Wasn't Adrian gay? Why did he have so much interest in entertaining women?

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