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   Chapter 700 You're Just The Supporting Actress

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9488

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All the reporters just glanced at each other, confused. They immediately held their microphones out in front of Sophia, as if they feared that they would miss some important information.

Linda saw Sophia touch her belly with a happy expression on her face, so she began to wonder whether Sophia was pregnant.

If so, it was really a piece of good news.

No wonder Linda had found Sophia to be much happier and gentler than before when she'd met her in the bathroom just now.

It turned out that Sophia was pregnant.

"Miss Liu, what kind of good news do you intend to share with us? Do you want to announce that you are pregnant with Mr. Leo's baby?" one of the reporters asked.

Many of the reporters knew Leo's name because he was a very famous manager in the entertainment circle.

Standing on stage, Leo didn't know what to say at this moment because he was both excited and stunned. He'd never imagined that Sophia would announce their relationship to the public today.

"Yes. I'm pregnant, so I'm going to reduce my workload and spend more time with my family from now on."

Not all female stars would have the courage to get pregnant at the peak of their careers like Sophia.

Moreover, since Sophia was such a charming and famous star, there would be many male fans who were obsessed with her.

They might not be able to accept the fact that she was going to get married.

Linda couldn't help thinking that Sophia was being really brave right now.

"If you get pregnant now, you might miss the best time to develop your career. Won't you regret this in the future?" one of the reporters asked.

Sophia shook her head and replied, "No."

Since it seemed that Sophia had made up her mind, the reporters gave her their best wishes.

They had actually prepared many questions in advance to ask Sophia and Linda.

After all, during the movie shooting, there had been a lot of news that Sophia and Linda didn't get along well with each other. No one could have expected that they would happily stand together on stage as if there had been no problems between them.

Sophia had once told a reporter during an interview that she liked Charles.


Everything was in the past and it seemed that Sophia had finally found the right one for her.

Linda discreetly left the stage and watched Sophia from below.

Sophia seemed happy and satisfied, and she wasn't arrogant or rude like she'd been before. It seemed that Sophia had realized her mistakes and truly turned over a new leaf.

Linda believed that people who decided to change their behavior for the better should be forgiven. Besides, although Sophia had been reckless before, she hadn't deliberately done anything horrible.

The reporters asked Sophia some questions about the movie as well.

Alina felt a bit embarrassed because even

ulled up the hem of her dress to avoid stepping on it, and then sat down beside Alina.

"Nothing." Alina forced a smile.

Although Alina didn't say anything, it was clear that she was frustrated about something.

Linda glanced at the phone in Alina's hand and found that Alina had been browsing Microblog. She immediately reached out and asked Alina to give her the phone.

After hesitating for a little while, Alina handed it to Linda and said, "Sister... I once thought that I could become an A-list actress as famous as Sophia, but now..."

Linda looked at the phone and saw Alina's post on Microblog.

Alina had recently posted the message, "The movie shooting of the Vengeful Girl with Her CEO is finally finished. I'm grateful for the efforts of the entire cast and crew."

There were over ten thousand comments on this post, so at first, Linda thought that Alina had become very popular now.

However, she was shocked when she began to read those comments, because they were all malicious and abusive remarks.

It seemed that all the unkind comments had come from fans of Sophia.

"Do you think that you can rise to fame after using some devious trick to replace Sophia in the lead role? Mark my words, you're just going to be a supporting actress forever! Don't think that you can become a well-known star someday. You're just a nobody! So don't indulge in such wishful thinking!"

"You bitch! How dare you take away the lead role from Sophia? You deserve to be abused!"

There were all kinds of offensive remarks like these.

Linda didn't know what to say to comfort Alina.

After all, she was positive that Sophia hadn't asked her fans to scold Alina.

It was just that Sophia was very popular among the public, and obviously she had some fans with horrible attitude issues. When she gave the phone back to Alina, she saw tears rolling down Alina's face.

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