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   Chapter 699 Announced Their Relationship

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The room was full of reporters. It seemed that the media was paying great attention to the movie.

As soon as Linda, Adrian, Alina, and the movie directors walked onto the stage, the reporters picked up their cameras to take pictures. The flash from the cameras was so strong that Linda could barely keep her eyes open.

She was starting to feel a little nervous too. Until now, she hadn't realized how much pressure there would be on whoever was standing on stage, and she admired actors and actresses for keeping their composure while facing the media.

Most of the reporters were surprised to see Linda here today. Linda had almost never attended a press conference before, so they immediately realized that the Mu's Group took this movie very seriously.

It was common knowledge that Charles Mu, the CEO of the Mu's Group, loved his wife very much and that he was always spoiling her. It wouldn't even be an exaggeration to say that he would get her the stars from the sky if she asked for them.

A few of the reporters who had never seen her before began to wonder aloud about who she was as soon as she walked on stage.

They were surprised to hear that this beautiful woman on stage was the Lady of the Mu Clan.

She looked like a beautiful and elegant angel. No wonder Charles Mu had fallen in love with her.

Most of the reporters thought that Linda was as beautiful as an actress. Some of them even thought that she could still become an actress if she wanted to.

After a brief introduction from the emcee, they proceeded to the question and answer session. Usually, the media would focus on the actors and actresses in this session and ask them the bulk of the questions.

Linda was about to walk away from the stage. Although she was the producer of this movie, she had never considered herself as a great one.

Since she had been busy carrying out the investigation on Langston's death, she hadn't done enough as a producer. Moreover, she didn't want to steal the limelight.

But just as she was about to step down from the stage, a reporter in a black suit asked her a question.

"Ms. Linda, we heard that the leading lady of the movie was supposed to be Sophia Liu, but the role later went to Alina Lu. Since you're the producer, were you the one who decided to change the actress for the lead female role? Do you have problems with Sophia?"

Hearing this question made both Sophia and Alina feel a little embarrassed.

But Linda kept her composure and calmly replied, "There are no problems between us. In fact, Sophia and Alina came to this decision together."

After she finished speaking, she looked at Sophia and Alina, signaling for them to take it from here.

Sophia understood Linda's thoughts at once. Picking up the microphone, she said with a smile, "Yes, I thought that Alina was more suitable

, when Linda had said that she'd undergone surgery once, all the reporters had been shocked and the atmosphere had begun heating up.

But now, Sophia admitting that she was in a romantic relationship with someone made the crowd burst into an uproar.

"Ms. Sophia, could you tell us who your boyfriend is?" asked a tall reporter with a pair of black glasses.

Hearing the question, Sophia smiled and waved at Leo.

Leo stood there looking stunned.

He'd never thought that Sophia would reveal their relationship to the media, and that too at today's press conference.

Although most people in the film crew already knew about their relationship, they'd all thought that the relationship wasn't a serious once since Sophia and Leo hadn't announced it to the public yet. Sophia was a star while Leo was her agent. It was normal in the entertainment world for a star and her agent to be close and even become romantically involved, but such relationships usually didn't last long.

Leo still couldn't believe that Sophia had announced their relationship to a crowd of reporters.

They had discussed their wedding before, but they had decided to have the ceremony in secret.

Everyone knew that a popular star like Sophia would lose some fans if she announced her relationship.

Leo had understood and accepted that fact, so they'd decided to get married in private. That was why he was so shocked by Sophia's words.

"Leo, come up on stage and stand next to me," Sophia urged. Judging from the look on his face, she knew that he was shocked by her words. She became a little shy.

She had planned to give him a surprise by announcing their wedding in front of the media today.

Finally processing the fact that Sophia had called him up on stage, Leo walked toward her. Sophia held Leo's arm and said with a sweet smile, "There's one more piece of news that I want to announce."

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