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   Chapter 695 The Wrap Party (Part Two)

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Linda felt delighted to see the light blue dress that Charles had gotten for her. Blue was a calm and peaceful color that made her think of the sea and the sky. She loved it very much.

Charles indeed understood everything about her.

"Nel, will you come with us to the wrap party today?" Linda turned to Nelson and asked.

Nelson shook his head and said, "No, I have to pick Lily up from school today."

Linda tapped herself on the forehead, remembering that it was a Friday and that Lily would come back home from school.

Lily was already a junior in university.

It seemed that the relationship between Nelson and Lily was going very well.

"Okay, I see. Then I won't take up your time with Lily," Linda teased, smiling.

Blushing, Nelson touched the back of his head and said shyly, "My Lady, please don't make fun of me."

Bun, who was standing next to Nelson, was glad to know that the relationship between Nelson and Lily was going smoothly. But her smile was soon replaced by a gloomy expression as she thought of Brian again. She didn't know when Brian would finish his mission and come back. Even though she understood his job, she couldn't help feeling depressed because she missed him so much.

Seeing the gloomy look in Bun's eyes, Linda patted Bun on her shoulder and said comfortingly, "Don't think too much. Brian will come back soon."

Linda could imagine how happy Brian would be when he came back and found out that Bun was pregnant.

After bringing the dress to Linda, Nelson left at once. There wasn't much time left, so Bun quickly began to help Linda put on make-up.

Linda seldom applied any make-up, but since she was going to attend a wrap party and a press conference, she thought that she should at least apply light make-up. She would look beautiful even if she went without wearing any make-up, but it would seem like she was disrespecting the events.

"Bun, please help me cover the pimple on my forehead. It looks hideous," said Linda. She felt upset when she looked in the mirror and saw the pimple on her forehead. She wondered how a pimple could appear practically overnight. It was unlucky for her since she had to attend such an important event today.

Bun smiled and reassured her by saying, "My Lady, don't worry. I know what to do."

Half an hour later, Bun told Linda that she'd finished applying make-up on her face.

Linda slowly opened her eyes and looked in the mirror. She immediately widened her eyes in surprise. She hadn't expected Bun to be so skilled in applying make-up. Bun had brushed blue eyeshadow on Linda's eyelids, which matched her blue dress perfectly and made her look even more attractive. More importantly, Bun had managed to cover up the pimple on her forehead.

"Oh, Bun! You are so g

a had a better temperament than Alina did. There was still a difference between them.

"I'm a year younger than you, so how about I call you sister from now on?" Alina suggested. She still felt inappropriate to call Linda's name in such a familiar way. After all, Linda had a higher status than she did and she was grateful for Linda's help, so she wanted to show respect to Linda.

Since Alina insisted on calling this way, Linda had no choice but to nod her head in agreement.

The door of the lounge room was pushed open again, and to Linda's surprise, Leo walked in.

He was carrying three plastic bags in his hands.

Linda hadn't seen Leo for some time.

Leo was also surprised to see Linda here, so he immediately came over to greet her.

"My Lady, I didn't expect to see you here."

Linda nodded and asked, "Where's Sophia? Why isn't she here in the lounge room?"

"Sophia has an individual interview, so she's getting ready for it now. She asked me to buy milk tea for all of you," explained Leo.

Linda couldn't believe her ears. Had Sophia's character changed that much?

She took a look at the three huge plastic bags in Leo's hands and saw that there were about a dozen cups of milk tea in them.

Leo handed out the cups of milk tea to the cast and crew in the lounge room.

Before he left the room, he took one more glance at Linda. His eyes were filled with gratitude. He didn't know how to express his thanks to Linda, but he would keep it in his mind forever.

If Linda ever needed his help in the future, he would be willing to do anything for her.

After Leo left the room, Linda lightly tapped Adrian on the shoulder and asked in a low voice, "Adrian, I have something to ask you. Sophia came back to the film set in the end, right? How was her behavior? Do you think that she has changed for the better?"

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