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   Chapter 694 The Wrap Party (Part One)

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When the three servants heard Rosy call their names, they trembled nervously.

They were confused because they hadn't done anything to offend Rosy in any way.

After exchanging frightful glances, they stepped out and stood in front of the other servants.

Celina was the oldest among the three of them.

Anne was younger than Celina, and Janice was the youngest, being only 19 years old.

"Lady Rosy," the three of them said in unison, greeting Rosy with great respect after stepping out of the line.

"You started working here as servants two or three months ago, right?" Rosy asked them.

"Yes," they replied together.

"Take her to my room right now,"

Rosy said, pointing at Celina.

Celina was so nervous that her palms were covered in sweat. She wondered why Rosy was singling her out to be taken into her room. During the past two months, she'd worked hard in the Rosy's Garden every day without being lazy.

Two of Rosy's servants immediately took Celina to Rosy's room.

The rest of the servants stood there and glanced at each other, having no idea what was going on.

They didn't know why Celina had been taken away, but they didn't dare to leave or go back to work without Rosy's instruction, either.

After a short while, everyone heard Celina's scream coming from Rosy's room. All the servants were frightened by the sound.

Anne and Janice were more frightened than the others.

After all, Rosy had called their names along with Celina. Now that Celina had been taken into Rosy's room, they would probably be next.

They trembled in fear, unable to understand why Rosy was doing this.


Linda had slept late today.

Nelson happened to come to her room last night, so Linda had decided to play a game of Mahjong with him, Bun, and Anna before going to sleep. However, they'd had so much fun playing that they had played the whole night without paying attention to the time.

When Linda finally got up, she felt a stab of pain in her head.

She felt that it was worth it, because she'd been lucky enough to win over a hundred dollars.

They had all bet a dollar each on each round, so it wasn't easy to win so much money. The winner could only win twenty dollars at most in a round, so Linda was satisfied with how much she'd gotten.

Of course, they'd all played Mahjong only for the fun of it without caring about whether they won or lost.

Linda hadn't gone to bed until it was almost dawn, so when she woke up in the afternoon, she felt her head ache and cried out in pain.

When Bun heard a sound coming from Linda's

hanges in her sleep cycle, so staying up late once or twice didn't have any impact on her body.

However, Linda was different from Bun. If Linda stayed up all night, she felt worn out when she got up the next day.

Since Bun had undergone intensive training in the military, she was indeed in a better physical condition than Linda.

After Linda went to the living room and had some congee, she felt much better.

"Where's Anna?" Linda glanced around, not seeing Anna or hearing her voice.

"Anna must be still sleeping," Bun replied.

Linda had been intending to bring Anna to the wrap party, but since Anna was still sleeping, she decided to bring several members of the Mu Security Team along instead.

When Linda finished eating the congee, Nelson approached her.

There were dark circles under his eyes, and it was obvious that he felt very tired and sleepy.

Last night, Nelson lost much more money than the others while playing Mahjong. He'd lost over a hundred dollars. Linda felt amused thinking about his bad luck. They'd bet only one dollar on the game during each round, but Nelson had somehow managed to lose so much money in one night.

"My Lady, Young Master Mu sent someone to deliver this to you."

Nelson was carrying a large gift box in his hands. Linda took the box from him and opened it. To her surprise, there was a light blue evening dress inside.

When she grazed her fingers over the dress, she found that the material felt like silk, soft and smooth. She knew that she would be comfortable and relaxed while wearing it.

"My Lady, this dress is so beautiful. Young Master must have selected it specially for you!" Bun exclaimed, reaching out to touch the dress as well.

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