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   Chapter 693 There Were Spies

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7114

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"Wait! What did you say? Those bugs and worms were creeping up your feet? The right foot or the left foot? Or both?" Jessie asked with her brows furrowed.

She seemed to be picking out the key points from the things Rosy had told her.

"How should I remember? I was scared to death when I saw those worms!" Rosy said sadly.

Jessie knew for a fact that something was strange but she just couldn't put her finger on it.

"Do you still have the shoes that you were wearing that day?" Jessie asked.

"I'm not sure. I took them off before I jumped onto the chair. Then, my servants came to help clean up. Maybe they threw the shoes away,"

Rosy said, and then called her servants in to inquire about the shoes.

The servants told her that part of the shoes had been singed by the fire, but they had neither thrown them away nor put them back into the shoe rack because they hadn't been sure whether Rosy still wanted the shoes or not.

"Go get the shoes for me," Rosy said to one of the servants.

The servant immediately brought the shoes to Rosy.

"Let me see them," Jessie said, taking the shoes from the servant.

The shoes stank so badly that Jessie felt like throwing up. But she struggled to stop herself from doing so.

She knew that Rosy had smelly feet, but she'd been polite enough to never mention it to Rosy.

Besides, Rosy never took off her shoes when they were hanging out together. Nobody could smell the odor coming from her feet as long as she was wearing shoes.

But now that Jessie was holding Rosy's shoes in her hands, she could smell the strong odor coming from them. Unable to bear the smell for another second, she took one last glance at them and set them aside.

"I'll get someone to carefully examine your shoes. Since your dress has been thrown away, your shoes are the only lead to finding out what happened that night. Maybe there was something on your shoes that attracted the bugs and worms," said Jessie.

The bugs and worms couldn't have surrounded Rosy for no reason. There must have been something wrong with her clothes or her shoes.

Jessie was sure that Linda

rofiles to her.

Jessie began to read through the profiles with her full attention.

"Most of your servants were hired before Linda first came to the Nalan Clan's residence, except these ones, who I think are suspicious. You should focus on them in your interrogation," said Jessie. She pointed at a few names on the profiles.

"There's no guarantee that the senior servants aren't the spies. What if they caved into bribes or threats?" Rosy asked doubtfully.

"Believe me. The senior servants are loyal to you. It's the new servants who are suspicious. If you don't believe me, you can question all of them. They are all assembled at the hall now, I think," Jessie said with a smile.

Rosy nodded, and then set off to the hall with Jessie.

The servants were waiting for Rosy in the piercing cold wind at the hall. Finally, they saw Rosy and Jessie slowly walk over to them.

Rosy sat down at the hall, and then took a quick glance at all the servants in front of her.

All of them were standing still with their heads down. Rosy couldn't see their faces clearly.

"Raise your heads," Rosy ordered coldly.

The servants raised their heads and looked up at Rosy.

'What is wrong with Lady Rosy today? Why does she look as cold as an iceberg? Who has displeased her?' the servants thought to themselves with wry smiles.

Rosy said with a snort, "Celina, Anne, and Janice, step forward please!"

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