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   Chapter 692 The Bugs Appeared Oddly

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"Uncle Lenny, Rosy is my best friend, so I'll help her even if you didn't ask me to," Jessie said, wearing a slight smile on her face.

Although she was trying to look nonchalant, she was actually in a really good mood after hearing Lenny.

She believed that the Luo Clan's status in the business circle could improve if Lenny was so grateful to her for her kindness that he was willing to help the Luo Clan in the future.

If the status of the Luo Clan improved, she wouldn't have to be afraid of her sworn father anymore.

All Jessie wanted to do now was to get rid of her sworn father's control, but...

Whenever she thought about him, she felt helpless and upset.

For the time being, there was nothing she could do about it. She had to obey her sworn father and suffer the torment all the time. Her sworn father was like a large cage while she was like a bird locked inside without any freedom.

Her overbearing sworn father didn't even allow her to meet or date other men.

So over these years, the only person that Jessie could frequently meet and chat with had been Rosy.

Jessie had never helped Rosy with the intention of getting rewarded for it, because she'd always thought of Rosy as her best friend and was ready to do anything for her.

"I know you two are friends. I just hope that you can give her some more help in the future," Lenny stressed with a meaningful glance at Jessie.

Jessie understood what Lenny meant to say at once, so she nodded and told Lenny that she would try her best to help Rosy.

Lenny nodded, and then he left after asking about the condition of Rosy's injury.

The truth was that Lenny hadn't said those words to Jessie just because he wanted her to help Rosy. His main intention was to make Jessie the scapegoat if something bad happened in the future. The more Jessie got involved in the Nalan Clan's family matters, the easier it would be to blame her for all of Rosy's wrongdoings. This way, Rosy could escape the blame and punishment even if her evil deeds were discovered.

Lenny knew that Linda had the full support of the Mu Clan and the Xia Clan, two rich and powerful clans in SH City, so he wanted to be careful and prudent with any action he took. If they did something to offend these two clans, they would definitely be in great trouble.

But with Jessie in the picture, even if they did displease the two clans one day, they

er legs that she'd been proud of, but now, one of her legs was scarred and might never heal completely. Even if she applied some ointment to treat the scar, it would only help the scar fade away so that it didn't look obvious.

She'd never be able to completely get rid of the scar.

Jessie sat beside Rosy and pondered over everything again. Then, she said, "Do you have the dress that you were wearing that night?"

"I don't know. This happened two days ago. After I took off the dress that day, I don't know what happened to it. I can ask the servant about it."

Jessie nodded and said, "Tell me what happened that night in detail. How did the bugs climb on you? Were you able to figure out where they came from?"

Rosy tried to recall the scene as accurately as possible, but remembering it sent a shudder through her body.

"I remember those bugs crawling in through the gap under the door, but I don't know where they were coming from. All I know is that one second, my legs were itching terribly, and the next, I found many bugs climbing onto my legs."

Just the thought of those bugs made Rosy feel like throwing up. She hated bugs so much that she asked the servants to keep her room clean and tidy every day without letting any bugs get inside. The whole garden was also sprinkled with pesticide so that no bugs would linger there. She'd never imagined that so many bugs and worms would climb up her body one day. It was a terrible thing to think about.

"Wait. What? Did those bugs climb up your body from your left foot or your right foot?" Jessie asked, furrowing her eyebrows.

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