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   Chapter 690 Absence Made the Heart Grow Fonder

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Two days later, Linda ran into Rosy again at the gate when she was leaving to see the twins.

Rosy turned her head to the other side when she saw Linda. It looked like she didn't want to talk to Linda at all.

But this time, Linda was more than happy to initiate a little chat with her.

Watching Rosy walk into the house while leaning on a housemaid's arm, Linda said with a smile, "Hey, Rosy. Are you okay?"

Rosy merely grunted in response. She kept walking forward while trying to ignore Linda.

But before she could walk past Linda, Bun, who was standing next to Linda, said, "Oh, no. Why doesn't she answer? I wonder if she has lost her tongue. Or maybe she injured her brain when she fell the other day."

"You bitch! Watch your mouth!" shouted Rosy. It seemed that she couldn't ignore Bun's words.

Linda found it a little difficult to understand Rosy's words at first because Rosy's pronunciation was odd.

When Rosy said "bitch," it sounded like "bitsh."

But after a few seconds, Linda figured it out.

It sounded like that there was something wrong with Rosy's mouth.

Linda looked at Rosy's face carefully and found that her lips were all puffed up.

"Did you break your teeth? You didn't pronounce the words "bitch" and "watch" right," Linda said with a grin.

"Is there something wrong with your ears? You heard it wrong!" said Rosy, raising her hand to cover her mouth. Then, she quickened her pace with the help of the housemaids. She was furious and wanted to argue with Linda, but she didn't want Linda to find out about that she had a broken front tooth so she walked away in a hurry.

In fact, Rosy's lips were swollen so badly that it was hard for her to even eat.

And her mouth hadn't been the only thing she'd hurt. She'd hurt her legs as well.

When her dress had caught fire the other day at the family dinner, the fire had grazed her legs too.

As the Lady of the Nalan Clan, she had been well-protected since she was born. She had never suffered this kind of injury before.

But Linda was glad to see that Rosy was suffering. It was just a small punishment for her attempt to kill their grandfather.

She would make sure that there were more "surprises" waiting for Rosy.

Rosy should know the consequence of doing something that horrible.

As Rosy walked away, Linda and her attendants walked to their car slowly. She had brought Anna, Bun, and two members of the Mu Security Team with her this time.

Since Linda had been exercising regularly, she'd become stronger than before. She felt confident that she'd be able to protect herself now.

Unless a sniper shot her from a distance or someone shot her wit

ed herself a lot of trouble if she'd turned to him for help, but she didn't.

She wanted to solve these problems on her own.

She had never thought of herself as a woman who had to rely on her husband's support whenever she was in trouble.

She knew that the title "Charles Mu's wife" had helped her a lot in different situations, and that, without it, she might be facing much more trouble, but she still hoped that she could manage to solve most of her problems on her own.

As long as she could handle the problems all by herself, she would deal with them without any hesitation. Besides, if push came to shove, she could always ask Charles for help then.

After chatting with Linda for a short while, Charles left. Linda went into the villa to check on the twins.

Right after she opened the door of the twins' room, a housemaid gestured for her to be silent. She knew at once that the babies were sleeping.

She walked into their room quietly.

It seemed that the babies were sound asleep. Little Potato was sucking his thumb.

Since the babies were sleeping, Linda left their room a few minutes later. She was afraid that she would wake them. Babies could be easily awakened from their sleep.

A housemaid walked out of the room along with Linda. "My Lady, they had some solid food and fell asleep just before you got here. If you were here earlier, you could have played with them," she said.

Linda missed the twins very much. It had been two days since the last time she'd played with them. She'd never been apart from them for such a long time. She knew that she would have much more time to spend with the twins after she finished handling all the problems with the Nalan Clan. She really wanted to be there for her children while they were growing up.

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