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   Chapter 689 Her Front Tooth Was Broken And Missing

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Bun also looked at the line of insects with great interest.

Suddenly, a bug she'd never seen before caught her eye. She patted Anna on the shoulder and asked, "Anna, what kind of bug is that?"

Anna looked carefully at the bug that Bun was pointing at. It looked like a spider and was as small as a mung bean.

"It seems to be a tick. It sucks people's blood."

"That's disgusting," Bun said, shaking her head.

"It's not just disgusting, but it's poisonous as well. It has eight legs like a spider. Once it bites your skin and begins to suck blood, it's hard to pull it out."

Bun was surprised to hear Anna because she hadn't expected Anna's concoction to attract poisonous bugs.

Anna laughed and continued, "If Rosy gets bitten by a tick, she'll suffer a lot, because she'll immediately get a fever and a headache. She might even feel sick and her body will ache all over."

The phagocytes of the tick could infect and destroy the neutrophils of human beings.

The neutrophil was an important component of the cellular immune system of a human being, so if the number of neutrophils decreased, a person's immunity to infection would decrease as well and they would be more susceptible to illness.

Bun kept watching with great interest. Soon, she spotted a few scorpions, centipedes, leeches and other bugs.

Those little creatures filled Bun with so much disgust that she got goosebumps.

Meanwhile, in the dining room, Linda was sitting with her feet on the chair since she was afraid of bugs as well. The bugs were moving past her chair, so if she hadn't pulled her feet up in advance, they might have climbed on her too.

Linda mentally congratulated herself for thinking fast enough to avoid these bugs.

Not only was she scared of bugs, but she also didn't want to be bitten by them and fall ill. She'd planned all this for Rosy, so it would be a shame if she had to suffer the consequences too.

"Where are these bugs coming from? Oh, my God!" Rosy screamed.

Until now, she had looked like an elegant, noble lady, at least as long as she didn't open her mouth. She had her hair arranged in an elaborate hairdo and she was wearing a beautiful dress.

But now that she was shrieking and stamping her feet, she didn't look like a graceful lady of a noble clan anymore.

Her hair had become a mess and was hanging loosely around her face. Her dress was also disheveled because she kept trying to shake the bugs off.


and look annoyed.

Linda was pleased to see such an expression on his face.

On their way back, Linda, Anna, and Bun chatted happily about what had happened and couldn't stop laughing over it.

They were amused and satisfied when they thought of how helpless Rosy had looked just now.

However, thinking about the fact that Rosy's dress had suddenly caught fire, Linda was confused.

She wondered whether the dress had caught fire because of Anna's concoction.

So after they returned to the Linda's Garden, Linda immediately asked Anna, "Anna, does the liquid concoction you made contain a flammable element?"

Anna smiled and nodded, saying, "Yes. This kind of concoction can burn easily, like gasoline. If it gets close to a fire, it will burn. I didn't expect that Lenny would be foolish enough to ask servants to bring two braziers inside the room. Of course Rosy's dress would have caught fire."

After hearing Anna, Linda burst into laughter.

Linda had wanted to teach Rosy a lesson by scaring her with bugs, but she'd never expected that Rosy's dress would catch fire and that Rosy would fall on the floor.

What was worse, she had gotten totally drenched after the servants splashed water on her. Her dress, hair, and make-up had all been ruined.

Linda thought that Rosy must be miserable enough after going through such a terrible experience. To her surprise, when she met Rosy two days later, she found that one of Rosy's front teeth was missing. She guessed that Rosy's front tooth must have broken off

the moment Rosy hit her face against the floor while falling down after her dress had caught fire.

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