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   Chapter 688 Shouldn't You See A Doctor

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Lenny knew that Murphy had deliberately brought this topic up. Everyone knew that Richard had planned to gift the Sky Building to Linda.

What Lenny couldn't understand was why Murphy would bring it up during such an occasion. She was looking at him with such innocent eyes that it was hard to understand the motive behind her words.

Linda had also realized that Murphy had brought up the topic of the Sky Building on purpose and was wondering about her intentions.

"What's wrong, Uncle Lenny? Have I said something wrong?" asked Murphy.

Murphy's question shook Lenny out of his thoughts and made him realize that he shouldn't be behaving this way. "Nothing, nothing," he said awkwardly.

"So, Uncle Lenny, is it true? Is the Sky Building going to be Rosy's dowry?" It seemed that Murphy didn't want to let go of this subject.

Murphy's persistence had put Lenny into an awkward position that he hadn't anticipated. He stayed quiet, pondering over how to answer Murphy's question. Yes or no?

Linda didn't like the feeling of being used, but she knew that Murphy was on her side today.

Murphy was trying to get Lenny to commit himself on this issue. Linda thought that it wasn't a bad idea. After all, one of the main reasons she had come back to the Nalan Clan's house was to fight for the property that was hers, including the Sky Building. Before her grandfather had fallen into a coma, he had gifted the Sky Building to his great-grandson, that was, Linda's baby boy. Nobody could steal the Sky Building away from Linda.

Since everyone was looking at him and waiting for the answer, Lenny felt that he had no choice but to admit it. "Yes, that's true. The Sky Building is one of our most important projects. Since we're forming a marriage alliance with the powerful Wang Clan, giving the Sky Building as a dowry is the best way to show our sincerity."

"Oh? But the Sky Building is a gift from grandfather to my son. How can you declare on your own that it's going to be Rosy's dowry? Are you trying to tell us that you're the head of the house now?" asked Linda slowly.

"When did father say that it's a gift to your son? Why don't I know about it?" asked Lenny, trying to deny it.

Linda gave him a faint smile. It seemed that Lenny was trying to refuse the facts by playing the fool. He was more skillful than his daughter when handling this kind of issue.

"Uncle Lenny, I heard it that day. Grandfather did say that the Sky Building is a gift to one of Linda's babies. He said it at a family dinner before Linda's babies were born," said Murphy calmly.

It seemed that Murphy had planned out her words anticipating Lenn

Covering her ears, Linda turned to Rosy.

Rosy was so frightened that her face had turned as white as a sheet. She kept stamping her feet as she screamed.

Linda glanced down and found that Rosy's feet were surrounded by all kinds of bugs and insects. Centipedes, ants...

Anyone who had a phobia of insects would pass out if they saw this scene.

"Ahhh! Why are there so many bugs here? Help! Help! Get them off me!" screamed Rosy, looking around helplessly. She was so scared that there were almost tears in her eyes. There was a swarm of bugs and insects on the floor and they were all moving toward her.

Lenny stood up and looked over the table. He had never seen so many bugs before either. He asked harshly,"What's wrong?! Why are there so many bugs?"

Linda was the only one who knew what was going on. There was a special odor on Rosy's shoes that attracted bugs and insects. It was a special concoction that Anna had prepared. Bun had sprayed it on Rosy's shoes before the family dinner.

It was such a strong concoction that it could attract insects that were far away.

The truth was, all Rosy had to do to escape was to take off her shoes and to throw them away. The bugs and insects would stop surrounding her immediately. But since Rosy didn't know that her shoes were the problem, she kept stamping her feet helplessly as more and more insects climbed onto her dress and even crawled inside. Linda saw several ants climbing up Rosy's face.

There were so many kinds of insects that Linda wasn't able to recognize all of them.

Anna, who was standing right outside the dining room, saw that there were many insects lining up and creeping into the dining room. It was easy to tell that they were attracted to the scent of her concoction.

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