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   Chapter 687 Another Young Master Of The Wang Clan

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 10358

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Any considerate family member who truly loved and cared about you would never care about whether you were strictly following the rules.

Their only concern would be whether you would get hurt or not. It was obvious that the members of the Nalan Clan weren't concerned about one another at all.

"Oh, right, Linda. Your grandfather has been receiving treatment at the Mu Clan's private hospital for a long time. How is he now?" Lenny asked as if the thought had just occurred to him.

"Father, Linda's the one who tried to harm grandfather. She's so wicked," Rosy muttered in a low voice.

Although Lenny was annoyed at Rosy for openly saying such a thing, he merely smiled and said, "I don't think so. Linda is his granddaughter too, so she wouldn't do such a cruel thing."

"The only reason she came back to the Nalan Clan was to get our property! But since she couldn't get any, she tried to harm grandfather instead," Rosy continued in a low voice, not taking the hint from Lenny.

Linda's anger rose when she heard Rosy's words. It seemed that Rosy was a vicious person whose only talent was distorting the truth.

But Linda merely continued eating the delicious food on the table without so much as a glance at Rosy.

Among all the dishes, Linda liked the salted fried beef ribs the most, so she picked up more of it and ate it with relish.

"Stop saying such things. Linda wouldn't have come back just to get our property. Don't forget that Linda is also the Lady of the Xia Clan and the Mu Clan. She wouldn't have any interest in the Nalan Clan's property," Lenny said. He was a vicious man too, but he was much more subtle than his daughter.

Linda, who could immediately sense Lenny's true intentions, felt that it was ridiculous for him to utter such words.

Did Lenny think that Linda would feel embarrassed and stop fighting for her share just because of his words? Did he think that Linda would let all of the Nalan Clan's property fall into their hands so easily?

It was just his wishful thinking.

Lenny waited for Linda to respond, but to his surprise, Linda continued eating with her head lowered. She didn't seem to have anything to say.

"My father is talking to you now. Why are you ignoring him?" Rosy asked Linda, furrowing her eyebrows. Ever since they'd sat down at the table, Rosy had noticed that there was no one there to support or help Linda. Now that Linda didn't have Bun or Anna or her intimidating bodyguards with her, Rosy wasn't afraid of Linda at all.

"Really? Was he talking to me just now? I'm so sorry. I wasn't paying attention to the conversation the two of you were having," Linda said with an innocent smile, which made Rosy very annoyed.

Linda was acting so haughtily that Rosy felt like beating her up right now. Every time Rosy saw Linda, she felt sore and jealous because Linda had a beautiful face, like an angel.

She had even noticed her brother gazing appreciatively at Linda sometimes.

Rosy couldn't chide her brother out loud for that, so she always swore at him in her mind for being such a lascivious man.

ir partner.

So how could Rosy look down on Adrian and even say that he didn't deserve to marry her?

Linda knew that Rosy always believed that she was the most important person in the Nalan Clan just because she was Lenny's daughter. Since Rosy was the Lady of the Nalan Clan, she looked down on Murphy all the time. In her eyes, Murphy was just a nobody.

After all, in such a rich clan, the Lady of the Clan had one of the highest positions.

It was possible that Murphy had been bullied and oppressed by Rosy all these years.

However, Linda could see from Murphy's eyes, which were gleaming in anger, that Murphy was very indignant after being bullied by Rosy for so many years. Although she acted meekly and quietly, she was probably just pretending to be a good girl while secretly plotting to get back at Rosy.

In fact, Linda didn't care about what Murphy intended to do to Rosy.

Even if Murphy gained control of the whole Nalan Clan in the future, Linda wouldn't give a damn.

All Linda knew was that family members were an important part of every person's life. Everyone had to be kind to their family members and treat them well instead of harming them. Since Rosy was a heartless person who would bully her own family members like she'd bullied Murphy and even harm her family members like she'd harmed Lord Nalan, Linda would never let her get what she wanted.

"Well, let's continue having dinner now. I just thought I should tell all of you about the marriage in advance since it's such a happy event. After all, we're all family," Lenny said immediately, trying to make the atmosphere less hostile.

Murphy nodded and then looked up at Lenny curiously. "I wonder what kind of dowry you will prepare for Rosy. I heard that you've decided to give her the Sky Building as the dowry, right? The business street of the Sky Building is the Nalan Clan's most important project this year, so if you give the Sky Building as Rosy's dowry, the Wang Clan would never look down on her."

Lenny raised his head sharply and glared at Murphy.

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