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   Chapter 686 Congratulations

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As soon as Lenny Nalan began to speak, Linda knew what he was going to announce. He was probably dying to tell everyone about the marriage he'd arranged between Rosy and Becker Wang.

Rosy must also have realized what her father was going to say because her face flushed red all of a sudden.

Linda felt like she was watching a show put on by the father and the daughter.

They seemed to really enjoy putting on an act and showing off in front of others in order to satisfy their vanity.

However, everyone at the table remained silent without showing the slightest interest in the "good news" that Lenny wanted to announce.

Other than the few members of Lenny's own family, nobody cared about Rosy's marriage.

Linda smiled politely at Lenny but didn't add to the conversation. She didn't care the slightest about Rosy's marriage or what kind of man Rosy would be marrying.

Even if Becker Wang was an outstanding and gorgeous man, Linda had no interest in hearing about it.

If anything, she felt sorry for him, since he was unlucky enough to have to marry someone like Rosy.

On the other side of the table, Felix and Murphy Nalan sat still and quietly sipped their cups of tea without prompting Lenny about what the good news was.

After all, it wasn't a secret to them that the Nalan Clan and Wang Clan were going to be allied by marriage. Lenny had already divulged the news to the people in the upper-class circle.

Seeing everybody's indifferent reaction, Rosy became anxious. She wondered why nobody was asking her father what the good news was, so that her father could continue talking about it. But she couldn't ask him herself because it would be too embarrassing.

Left with no choice, Rosy discreetly nudged her elder brother, who was sitting next to her, signaling him to break the silence.

Devin Nalan understood his sister's hint and immediately asked his father, "Father, whose marriage is it?"

Linda instantly burst into laughter upon hearing his question and mocked, "Devin, all Uncle Lenny said was that he had some good news to tell us. How did you know that he was going to talk about a marriage?"

Devin blushed, realizing that he had framed his question wrong.

"Oh, I... I must have said it wrong..." Devin stuttered.

Rosy fumed silently, wondering how her brother could be so stupid.

Seeing the dumbfounded look on Devin's face, Linda couldn't help but think to herself, 'God! Devin is the eldest son of the Nalan Clan in my generation, but what a fool he is! Is he really supposed to be the successor of the Nalan Clan's business? What a tragedy!'

Linda was immediately worried about the future of the Nalan Clan. Realizing how much of an idiot Devin was only made her more determined to keep the Nalan Clan's property from falling into the wrong hands.

"Devin guessed it right. The good news I wanted to tell everyone is about a

daughter could never prosper in the business world.

The business world was like a battlefield, and there were always twists and turns, and ups and downs. Anyone in the business world had to be always composed, otherwise, it was impossible to lead a company and go a long way.

A person like Rosy would definitely be edged out of the business world by her rivals.

Lenny was well aware of it now. Rosy wouldn't be able to be Linda's rival if she kept being impulsive.

"Never mind, Linda. You're probably already hungry, so just help yourself to the food!" Lenny said to Linda with a smile.

Linda merely smiled back at him and continued eating the food, which was what she had been planning on doing anyway.

"Then let's begin our meal too, Lenny," Felix said to his elder brother and began eating. Seeing her father begin eating, Murphy took her chopsticks and silently ate the food too.

Linda felt bored having dinner with these people. It didn't look like a family dinner, and they didn't look like a family.

Linda reminisced about her childhood as she ate. Back then, every day, by the time she and Cindy returned home from school, Donna Xie would have already prepared dinner for them.

Linda and Cindy would be so hungry that they would immediately start digging in without waiting for the dinner to begin.

There weren't any rules and restrictions because they were a family.

Donna never scolded them for such trivial things. The only thing she would emphasize was that they'd have to wash their hands before their meals. Donna didn't care about when they started having their meal.

After all, it was normal for family members to be casual and light-hearted during a family meal.

They could enjoy their food while casually chatting with one another. But now, the atmosphere of the Nalan Clan's family dinner was oppressive to Linda. It seemed like the smallest misstep could bring her trouble.

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