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   Chapter 685 Are You Entering A Beauty Contest

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Linda was expecting Bun to tell her whether she had carried out the mission successfully or not, so she was confused to hear Bun complaining about Rosy's stinking feet.

"I managed to sneak into Rosy's room, but she walked in just a few moments later. I had to find a place to hide, so I squeezed into her big shoe cabinet," said Bun.

Linda, who had just taken a sip of water, immediately spat it out when she heard the words "shoe cabinet."

"What were you thinking, hiding in a shoe cabinet? Of course it would stink."

"I wouldn't have been able to make it to the wardrobe. It was too far away. I got into her room just moments before she did. I was so afraid I would get caught that I just wanted to hide in the first place I could find, and the only hiding place near me was the shoe cabinet, so I had no choice."

Bun held her nose again. She seemed to be able to still smell the unpleasant smell of the stinking shoes.

Nelson couldn't help bursting into laughter when he saw Bun.

"My Lady, I've heard that Rosy's body odor is very strong too. It's a taboo to talk about it and she keeps denying it, but everyone at the Nalan Clan's residence knows about it, even the housemaids. Once, Rosy overheard two housemaids discussing her body odor and she fired them at once," said Nelson.

Bun nodded in understanding. It definitely explained why Rosy's shoes stunk so badly.

"The smell almost made me choke to death. I had to hold my nose so tightly that I could hardly breathe," said Bun with a sigh.

"You still haven't told us how it went. Did you manage to spray the medicine on her clothes?" asked Linda.

"I didn't have the chance to get close to her wardrobe, but since I was hiding in her shoe cabinet, I sprayed it on all of her shoes.

She'll have to put on one of those pairs anyway," Bun said with a smile.

Then, she continued, "In fact, she should thank me for it. The medicine Anna made will make her shoes smell much better than usual. Ewk! Before I sprayed the medicine, the shoe cabinet smelled so bad. I feel like throwing up just thinking about it. My Lady, have you ever smelled rotten eggs? The smell..."

"Okay, okay, stop right there. We don't want to hear it anymore. I feel like throwing up now too," Anna interrupted, covering her nose.

Bun was talking about her experience of hiding in Rosy's shoe cabinet in so much detail that Anna couldn't help picturing the scene in her mind. The scene was so vivid that she felt like she could smell the stink of Rosy's shoes too. Everyone must have been feeling the same way, because they all burst into laughter when they heard Anna's outburst.

They continued chatting for a while until it was almost 6 o'clock in the evening. Linda knew that it was time for her to head to the dining room.

Normally, Linda would dress up for a family gathering, but she di

all really have to dress up the way you've done? Are you entering a beauty contest?"

It was obvious that Rosy was wearing fancy clothes. But in fact, not everyone had dressed up for the dinner like she'd done. Murphy was wearing a white dress that looked simple but elegant.

"You..." Rosy stopped herself, too furious to speak. She realized that even though she was irritated by Linda every time they spoke, there was nothing she could do about it.

"Okay, let's just have dinner. Linda's right. It's a family dinner, so what we're wearing is not that important," said Lenny, trying to change the topic.

He was beginning to get annoyed by Rosy as well.

She wasn't helping at all.

All she did was start petty quarrels with Linda. Her actions only worsened the situation they were facing.

Even though he adored Rosy and often doted on her, he had never thought of handing over any family property to her except for her dowry. Instead, he had decided that Devin would inherit most of the family fortune. Of course, he hadn't shared this thought with anyone yet.

As for Rosy, he just wanted her to stop stirring up trouble.

Rosy was so angry at Linda that she had a retort on the tip of her tongue, but since Lenny himself had asked her to stop, she didn't dare say anything else. She merely sat down at the table and gave Linda a glare.

She seemed to have forgotten Jessie's advice. Jessie had told her that she should stay calm when she faced Linda because arguing with Linda was a bad idea and wouldn't help take her down. However, Rosy could never remember Jessie's warnings. Her emotions always got the better of her.

"There's some great news I want to announce today," said Lenny during the dinner. The dinner had just begun, but he couldn't wait any longer to tell everyone the great news. Linda could easily tell what he was going to say from seeing the smile on his face.

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