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   Chapter 684 Her Feet Are Too Smelly

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"Miss Xia, His Lordship is hosting a dinner just for your arrival. After all, you are a guest of the Nalan Clan and he wants to treat you well," the servant continued in a trembling voice.

Although Linda knew that the servant was merely repeating Lenny's words, it still angered her to hear the servant refer to Lenny as "His Lordship".

She was also surprised to hear the servant say that she was a guest of the Nalan Clan.

The servant was showing her inadequate respect and wasn't treating her as the Lady of the Nalan Clan by still calling her "Miss Xia".

Linda thought that Lenny's choice of words for the message he had asked the servant to convey to her was interesting.

"Okay, you can leave now. I'll come to the dinner."

It was meaningless to put a servant in an awkward position, so she asked the servant to leave. Besides, she wanted to meet Lenny in person and see what he was up to.

After she finished speaking, Linda waved her hand at Sam.

Sam immediately got her point and took the servant outside.

The servant was so scared that even after stepping out of the Linda's Garden, his legs were still trembling. He'd felt like he was going to the enemy's front during a war, not paying the guest of the Nalan Clan a visit.

Shaking his head, the servant immediately headed back to tell Lenny that Linda would come for dinner.

After the servant left, Linda wore a contemptuous smile on her face.

Since Lenny was going to hold a dinner, all the members of the Nalan Clan would be there today.

Linda knew that Lenny must have a hidden intention for inviting her.

If Lenny really had the intention of stirring up trouble for Linda today, Linda would do everything in her power to prevent him from doing her harm. And since she was going to join the dinner anyway, she wanted to take this chance to get back at Lenny and Rosy.

"Anna, do you remember the time we played a trick on Amy and locked her in the bathroom during a dinner at the Nalan Clan's residence?" Linda asked, turning to Anna with a laugh.

Anna started laughing too when she recalled what they had done to Amy before.

"Of course I remember that. Amy must have felt very helpless and scared at that time."

Linda became more amused as she recalled the details.

Back then, Amy had provoked Linda first, so Linda had decided to teach Amy a lesson.

Nelson had also helped Linda get back at Amy at that time, so he was amused as well. He'd never seen anyone as clever and mischievous as Linda before.

"My Lady, do you want to punish Rosy the same way you punished Amy before?" Nelson asked.

"No. We can't take the same measures to deal with Rosy, but I definitely have to punish her today," Linda replied.

Lord Nalan was in a coma because of Rosy. Even though there was a chance that he might wake up one day, Linda could never forgive Rosy for doing this to him. In fact, she hated Rosy so much that she'd never show Rosy any mercy, not even if Rosy's life

imply climb over the wall to get to Rosy's quarters since she was pregnant now and couldn't put herself in such danger. Besides, since there were so many servants in the Nalan Clan's residence, no one would be able to easily recognize Bun if she wore the uniform that all the other servants wore. Even if Bun was somehow discovered, she could still escape, or, if worst came to worst and there was a fight, she could defeat her opponents because she was great at fighting.

After a short while, Nelson brought the uniform which the servants wore in the winter.

Linda was a bit surprised and amused after she saw the clothes. She remembered that it was the same uniform that she'd worn when she'd sneaked into the plum garden a long time ago. At that time, Rosy had mistaken her for the servant and scolded her for entering the plum garden.

After all, the servants weren't allowed to enter the plum garden without Lord Nalan's permission.

Time flew like an arrow, and almost one year had passed in the blink of an eye.

Linda touched her smooth face and sighed as she remembered that one year ago, she had been staying in the Nalan Clan's residence just like this, but at that time, her face had been disfigured and covered with scars. In those days, no matter how much pain she was in, she'd had to suffer the torment on her own.

After Bun changed into the servants' uniform, she set out with the glass tube.

Linda was still worried about Bun, so she asked a servant to wait for Bun at the gate.

The only reason Linda was asking Bun to carry out this task was because Bun was the only woman here who was trained to fight.

Although the Mu Security Team members were also competent enough to perform the task, they wouldn't be able to carry it out because they were men.

When Linda heard Bun's voice after waiting in the living room for about twenty minutes, she finally felt relieved.

"My Lady, Rosy's feet are so smelly. I was almost suffocated by the stink."

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