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   Chapter 683 The New Lord Nalan

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Anna felt anxious listening to Linda talk to the journalists, but she didn't dare to interrupt them.

She couldn't guarantee that Lord Nalan would wake up in three months. What if he didn't wake up after three months? Then there would be nothing they could do to clear Linda's name.

The other members of the Nalan Clan would definitely force Linda to give up her share of the Nalan Clan's property with this excuse.

Lord Nalan had given some of the Nalan Clan's property to Linda as a gift. On top of that, part of the property belonged to Linda's mother, Sherry. Linda would never give up her rightful inheritance.

Absolutely not.

'Maybe Lady Linda had a plan in mind, ' thought Anna.

Hearing Linda's words, the journalists looked at each other in surprise. Linda had actually made a commitment publicly knowing that it would be recorded on numerous cameras.

"Ladies and gentlemen, if there's nothing else, please take your leave now," Linda said cordially.

"Do you really mean it, Miss Linda?" one of the journalists asked.

"Of course, I mean it,"

Linda replied with a determined look on her face.

'You have to put pressure on yourself sometimes.

Otherwise, you will never know what you are capable of, ' Linda thought to herself.

Tackling all the rumors head-on was a matter of great urgency.

The journalists left one after another after Linda showed them the door. They were all satisfied since they had gotten the information they'd come for, but they couldn't help but tremble in fear as they crossed the gate.

With Sam and his subordinates standing in a line and watching them intently, they felt like they had trespassed into a territory of special troops.

After the journalists left, Linda went back into the house.

Nelson rushed to Linda at once.

Although Lord Nalan was in a coma, Lenny couldn't fire Nelson or do anything to harm him. After all, Nelson had been a supervisor of the Nalan Clan for a very long time, and he was Lord Nalan's closest henchman. He still held a lot of power in the Na

glad to see how serious Nelson was about the matter. She smiled slightly and prayed that everything would go well.

Just then, Linda saw Sam walk in holding a man.

The man looked petrified.

He had come to deliver a message from Lenny but had been frightened out of his wits by Sam.

"My Lady, this man said that he has come to see you under somebody's order," said Sam.

Linda nodded to Sam and gestured for him to leave the man and withdraw.

The man somehow looked familiar to Linda.

He was actually one of Lenny's servants.

Linda stared at him in silence as she waited for him to speak.

"My… My… My Lady, His Lordship is holding a family feast tonight to welcome you home. Please come and join the feast," said the man.

He was so frightened that he stammered while speaking.

He didn't even dare to look at Linda.

"His Lordship? Who do you mean by His Lordship?" Linda asked, knowing very well that the man was referring to Lenny.

Richard hadn't passed away yet, but it seemed that Lenny couldn't wait to become the new Lord Nalan, the Master of the Nalan Clan.

"I mean... Lenny Nalan, My Lady," the man replied.

"Oh, then I guess I won't be going to the feast," Linda said, sneering at the man.

The man raised his head, took a glance at Linda, and lowered his head again quickly. There was danger hidden in Linda's eyes.

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