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   Chapter 681 Present A Gift In Return

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Rosy was pretty unhappy to see Linda's nonchalant attitude.

It seemed that Linda didn't care about the news at all.

Although Rosy was the one who had won the battle, Linda seemed completely unfazed. 'She must already know that she is being cursed by netizens now, so why isn't she getting upset?' wondered Rosy.

Rosy was about to point at Linda and yell at her, but she thought of Jessie's words and stopped.

She knew that she couldn't hurt Linda even if she yelled at her. What Jessie had said was right. She shouldn't have a direct conflict with Linda.

She was pretty sure that Linda would be exhausted enough dealing with the public opinion later, so she restrained herself from doing something impulsive and waited for the right moment to attack.

She then smiled and said, "Linda Xia, you must be feeling good enough to provoke me, right? Is it because you don't know that everyone is cursing you online?"

Bun was furious when she heard Rosy's words. It seemed that Rosy had just admitted that she was the one who had mobilized public opinion against Linda. Bun walked up to Rosy and clenched her fists.

Rosy's face darkened when she saw Bun walk up to her. She backed away at once, like a mouse encountering a cat.

After all, she still remembered that Bun had almost broken her fingers the last time they'd quarreled.

"Are you afraid of me? Are you afraid that I will kick your ass again?" asked Bun teasingly. Bun found it amusing that Rosy was so scared of her so she couldn't help but chuckle.

"Am I afraid of you? Are you crazy?" Rosy retorted.

"You should really see the look on your face. If you're not afraid of me, why do you keep backing away? Come here. Let's talk," said Bun, pulling up her sleeves like she was getting ready for a fight. It was fun to mess around with Rosy.

Giving her a glare, Rosy thought, 'Not a chance. I'm not stupid.'

Then, she ran away in a hurry.

Linda burst into laughter as she watched Rosy flee away.

She realized that Rosy didn't even dare to face Linda and Bun alone.

What a coward!

Rosy seemed to be a lot more cunning with Jessie standing by her side. Jessie always helped her stay calm and encouraged her to stir up trouble. Both of them were like mosquitoes that kept biting Linda. It wasn't really hurt, but surely it was very annoying.

However, without Jessie standing by her side, Rosy's actions were much more stupid. She was just like a fly buzzing around.

Even though Linda still found Rosy very annoying, she knew that Rosy couldn't do any harm to her without Jessie's help.

She thought that talking to someone like Rosy was a waste of her time. Anyway, before encountering Rosy, she'd been leaving for the Mu Clan's villa to spend some time with her babies.

Every day, Linda squeezed in some time to spend with the twins. Companionship was very important for childr

n visited by celebrities who had been overwhelmed by public opinion and criticism.

Anna was glad that Linda could handle it without losing her head. It had slipped her mind that Linda was a major in psychology. If she'd remembered that, she wouldn't have been so worried.

"Anna, you don't need to worry about me. I mentally prepared myself before setting foot in the Nalan Clan's house. Whatever Rosy does, she can't take me down," said Linda calmly.

Looking out of the car window, she thought about her grandfather.

She was worried about him and afraid that he would never wake up.

As Bun looked at Linda's peaceful face, she felt great respect for her all of a sudden.

Linda was sitting there like a queen with regal dignity. She never seemed to be afraid of anyone or anything.

She was such a strong woman that even a brilliant man like Charles Mu himself had fallen in love with her.

And she was also the only woman that Charles Mu had ever loved. He'd never so much as glanced at another woman after meeting Linda.

"My Lady, in any case, it's my job to protect you. If we are in danger, please stay behind me. I'll never let you get hurt," said Bun genuinely.

She had promised Charles to protect Linda no matter what, and she would stick to it.

Looking at Bun's serious expression, Linda didn't know what to say. She was always grateful that she had Bun and Anna to assure her safety.

Half an hour later, they arrived at the Mu Clan's villa.

Linda was happy to see the twins again. She fed them and played with them for a long while.

The moment Little Potato saw Linda, he muttered "Mama," which made Linda's day.

Linda left the Mu Clan's villa before Charles got back from work. She had made up her mind about how to retaliate.

Since Rosy had sent her such a big gift for returning to the Nalan Clan's house, it would be rude of her not to give Rosy a gift in return.

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